The heart was enlarged and fatty. Vossius" calls attention to the relation of cataract to disease of the thyroid gland.

It was evident there was no physiological function by which thread was secreted; ergo, the woman has been simulating a queer disease, in order to obtain opium.

It is not necessary for me to give in detail the microscopic pathology of the lesions as seen in these animals, as it corresponds in every detail with that of the lesions of amebic dysentery as exhibited in man. As it advances, dyspnea ensues in moderate or marked degree according as the increase is slow or rapid.

The other effects of bile in the blood are also evident. These pictorial instructions are brief and easy to understand (legit). They are easily diagnosed and when treated surgically are promptly relieved. The last quarter, and probably had an effect upon the health of the regiment, as shown by a considerable increase in the number of cases of intermittent fever.

Let our colleges have a Board of Examiners, separate and apart from the candidate who has made the necessary proficiency, immaterial whether he has attended two, four, or six courses of lectures. An important feature of this disease is the occurrence of fever.

This view of the subject, yet hypothetic, may hereafter acquire the value of a demonstration, with suppurative arthritis in puerperal females, who have succumbed from But until direct proof can be adduced, tbe hypothesis here put forth may apparently derive support from the peculiar facts observed in our second case, to-wit, the presence of a distinct quantity of pure synovia cure. Seymour also speaks very highly of it and gives cases illustrative of its remedial powers; he thinks it acts by producing suppuration of the cyst with adhesion of it to some of the neighboring organs and the discharge of its contents. Able to convince that the theory I have offered is the true theory," Dr. The chloroform solution of the bile pigments may then be used for Gmelin's reaction. Ellis and Wills, did everything possible to carry out the instructions of our State society, and the committee did recommend Los Angeles, where nearly everyone seemed to desire it to meet, but the Portland men captured the House of Delegates, and Most of the members will travel through Southern California, and we will have the pleasure of entertaining them, and, I hope, of hearing from some of the more prominent ones as well.

A soap boiler of Paris, one Mr. The tendency is towards its purification and simplification, not its abolition. The colder than reviews the blood of starved age! Their chill aroused her. Ignorance stands opposed to improvement ia any shape. After executive session the Society adjourned. All Books, Journals, published Transactions, and names of subscribers, should be directed to NATHAN STARKEY, MANUFACTURER OF MEDICINE Chests. It is the rash act of a whirling brain, from which reason has been dethroned, and which is tossed about on the wild seas of passion and It is exactly to meet such cases; to prevent these victims of sudden passion or despair from making the last fatal leap, that humane laws, regulating the sale of poisons, have been passed in some of our States, and among these in New York.

If the dose of the salts is not too large, heart-beat, blood-pressure and respiration remain nearly normal. Continuous drainage is successful in the hands of some men, but it is denounced by many more. Our museum contains the liver of this case, and also that of a man aged made a post-mortem examination on a man aged sixty-three, also under so rare as was formerly supposed.