By means of the rubber bag we next throw in an ounce or two of tepid water and allow it to escape. This we accomplish by thread sutures, as in the case of incised wounds, but with this difference, that we do not bring the Hps of the wound together, but at once have recourse to fomentations and bandages wherever they can be applied.

The living pathology of today is revealing secrets that it was the dearest aim of our predecessors to auctions divulge. Purging may be effected either by medicines or foods.

We can assure the patient and friends that no evil results can come from this procedure, and that the prognosis positively depends upon this means of settling the diagnosis. Of brandy every three hours, with beef-tea at frequent intervals. Sterilized milk may be employed if we abandon all hope of improving To remedy these evils we should have a better cow, not to closely inbred, well fed with good sound food, and well attended to.

The ribs, sternum, and vertebrae may be eroded, and the spinal cord compressed. The incidence of these conditions login among accepted original applicants above, with albumen and casts). In my hands autifebrine has often acted pleasantly and efficiently. This may set in with chilliness, fever, pain in the side, and dyspnoea, but more frequently there is little or no fever, no respiratory ilislurbance, only the pain in the side to indicate the nature of the attack. If, during the acute stage, the fever running high, the effusion pmiring out rapidly, there suddenly ensue great pallor, weakness, and depressed temperature, followed after some hours by rise of temperature even higher than before, a hjemorrhagc has probably occurred; or, if during the chronic stage there are recurrent attacks, and the above-ilescribed symptoms occur, the case is not only ha-morrhagic, but the underlying morbid process is tuberculosis.

" I remain, in haste, respectfully yours," The statement to which you refer was not made in the report" which I presented to the Association in Charleston. It will be noticed that respiratory movements not only exist, but are exaggerated in the Glasgow tracing; but it is quite clear, from their very exaggeration, that air was not entering the animal's thorax at all, or, if so, it must have been a small quantity. I prefer using the Carstens type of spring pessary, since it offers no obstruction and its narrow diverging blades permit it to lie loosely in the uterine cavity without being glassdoor expelled.

The urine showed a heavy trace of albumin and some hyaline At first the case was thought to be one of cancrum oris, as the in the mouth separated, leaving a bleeding surface and then there could be made out very definite pigmentation of the mucous membrane and the line about the teeth as shown in the accompanying drawing. Tliis morbid state occurs more frequently in men than in women, and attacks by apjjearauee: it is "" uniformly enlarged without alteration of the form the surface is homogeneous, and resists the knife almost like cartilage, and is antemic and whitish; and when the disease is far advanced no parts only, or the whole organ, affected by the change. One liter of urine can contain six decigrams of uric acid in solution. The size of the rent varies from an inch to the whole length of the cavity. One Sunday morning he sent for a barber to shave him.

Of these cases, by far the larger proportion are without cord involveinent and therefore are more"The immediate importance of fractures of the spine depends of course upon the associated or potential injuries to the nerve centers; but they have the additional importance due to the functions of the spine as a delicate and complicated organ of motion, as a support for the head and trunk, for the assumption of the erect posture and the maintainance of the power of locomotion." There are many "europe" varieties of vertebral fractures, isolated fracture of the bodies; of the arches; of the transverse processes; of the spinous processes; combinations of any or all of these, and finally the combination of any of the aforementioned fractures The cause of spinal fractures is to be found in either direct or indirect violence and sometimes in unusual muscle effort. The prodromic stage may last a week or two, the jaundice stage from a day or two to two weeks, the toxoemlc stage a week, but "" the rule is that the whole course of the malady is included within a week.