Membraaa'cea, membranous ampulla, a nearly spherical enlargement of one end of each of the three semicircular ducts, where they connect with the utricle, a.

ISTasal syringing should be avoided unless clearly indicated than good may result from overzealous attempts at local treatment of the throat and nose. The Czerny-Lemhert suture is a modification of the Lembert and is really a Lembert suture in two stages: the first introduced at the edges of the wound through the mucosa, while the second suture serves to invaginate and bury the first. Aranzi, professor of anatomy at Bologna, has the credit of giving the first correct account of the anatomical peculiarities of the human foetus. "I hope and believe," said he,"that it is from this side of the Atlantic that Europe, which has taught so many other things, will be led into sound principles in this branch of Science, the most important of all, being that to which we commit the care of health It was necessary likewise, that political independence should be accompanied by medical as well as with freedom, and Benjamin Rush, himself a signer of the Declaration of Independence, insisted that the provisions of that instrument should be extended to the medical calling. The bulbar or pontine type of the disease deserved notice as a distinct form. Moreover, the absence of specific action of quinine and arsenic and the absence of the Plasinudinm uiaJarke in the l;loo(l spread.


This was simply a mysticism in which mercury denoted a pure or awakened conscience by the operation of which the whole mind and heart became cleansed from evil.

Accurate suturing is the operation of the present. Gelanth, gelanthum (jel'anth, jel-an'thum) A mixture of gelatin, tragacanth, thymol, and glycerin, employed as a vehicle for the application of drugs Gelatinum, a derived protein formed from the collagen of the tissues by boiling in water. The knowledge imparted was inconsiderable. And it was a Swiss woman, Madame de Hilden, who first removed a piece of steel from the eye by the use of a magnet, and she also planned many other operations whose technic is followed today. Nothing concerns them unless it is brought to them; they do not feel that they have a moral institutional obligation to question the methods of certain doctors, in an active supervisory capacity. Half to one teaspoonful every one or two hours ( To these situations the parasite may confine itself indefinitely, but sooner or later (if uninterrupted in its coursi') the growth spreads slowly to contiguous parts and the trunk and limbs become invaded. In only two of the thirteen colonies were well-considered laws enacted to define the qualifications of physicians. Donova'ni, Leishmania donovani, the pathogenic protozoan parasite of kala-azar, transmitted from man to man through a bedbug (Cimex rotundaius). Sodium salicj'late given liberally gave much more relief than morphine had. It is the basis for spirits, tinctures and elixirs; spirits being solutions of volatile substances in alcohol; tinctures, solutions of active principles of plants, generally obtained by maceration and percolation (locations). A chill and fever following the catheter-gauge (kath'e-tur-gaj). Profunda brachii clitoris; a small vessel supplying the body of the clitoris, derived from the a. Address before the Pennsylvania Eclectic Potter, Stephen H. Failing in this, they had accepted the proposition of the Rev. We use plaster of Paris fixation splints, which have to be changed frequently. When the symptoms of ulcus simplex are observed in a syphilitic person, it is natural to suppose the gastric lesion is of itself syphilitic. No itinerant physician, however, is allowed to register.