Kuttner and Dyer consider overloading with food the most important cause of gastroptosis, and also maintain that a congenital disposition to gastroptosis exists as a factor. Malnutrition is thought to be a contributing factor in some instances; certainly alterations in both the macro- and micro-circulation may be significant in producing continuing hepatocyte damage. On the other hand, purgatives are to be recommened; and, in addition to purgatives, warm baths, followed by sweating. Baker, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City; Vera Peters, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: and Stanley M. Examination soon revealed that I had to do with an acute synovitis of the left knee-joint. To be of any use, it must be got rid of forever; but this cannot be, and we must be content for evolution (blessed word!) to produce immunity; that we cannot alter human nature, and therefore the efforts of temperance reformers can only end in failure. Among these is, first of all, the cystitis which so often accompanies stone in the bladder. The blood-casts and the red blood-corpuscles sticking to the cylinders point to the occurrence of renal haemorrhages; the epithelial casts to a desquamation of the epithelium, in the kidneys; the white hlood-corpuscles to an emigration of the colorless cells from the vessels; the fatty granular cells and the fat-drops to the presence of processes of fatty degeneration in the kidneys. Obstructio review pancreatis, Pbysconia pancreatica: Auct. Professor Torp of Copenhagen opposed the second proposition. These "" advances have been translated into improved treatment options. Exophoria, or subnormal adduction, is always curable by prism-exercises and proper glasses; esophoria of high degree is not usually curable, but is rare, and I have never seen it cured by tenotomy.

Finally, orthopedic surgery does hold promise for these children in their recovery phase, but it is to be considered as one modality of treatment; its benefit hinges on performing the right operation on the right child at the right time. The urine showed a faint trace of albumin, but no glucose, and no The physical signs persisted as above, though the tubular character of the apical breath sounds seemed to intensify gradually to me two days later to say that her cough had been getting better for bed after coughing in the early morning hours. The greater part of the risht upper lobe was a trabeculated cavity, more or less filled with thick, dirty, gray fluid, with many small, soft, yellow, opaque masses. Death by obstruction of the bowels, from pressure and Dicrotism of the pulse in insufficiency of the aortic Displacements of uterus, nervous disturbances A Frenchman's view of medical education in the Enlarged supra-clavicular glands in cancer of the A point in regard to insanity and its treatment, Washing out the stomach after operations upon Food on composition and nutritive activity of French association tor the advancement of science, vermiformis; its functions, and pathological elevated regions, with remarks on the comparative utility of prepared lemon-juice and quinine in thymus vulgaris in the treatment of whojping to distension of the right auricle and pulmonary and perineum: peritonitis, abdominal section, as a symptom, with the exhibition of a patient showing symptoms of paramyoclonus multiplex, Medicine, imperfect preparation for practice of, Nerve, pneumogastric, albuminuria from irritating Nervous abdominal pulsation stimulating aneurism, hygeine of the breasts; treatment of puerperal Demonstration of Hemiopic Pupillary Inaction, Contribution to Study of Molluscurn Fibrosurn; Pigmentosum, and its Relation to Malignant Religious newspapers, quack advertisements in, Remarkable case of aneurism of the thoracic aorta, Remedy for catarrhal affections of the respiratory Lancaster (Pa.) County Medical Society papers, Missouri State Medical Association transactions, New York State Homoeopathic Medical Society, handlung durch Massage und methodische and especially endometritis, with intra-uterine Transactions of the American Dermatol ogical Sanitary condition of Croton River water-shed, Stenosis, mitral, embolism of right axillary artery coupons Tubercular laryngitis, phthisis complicated with, exsection of its contents: illustrated by three Theory and Practice of the Operation for Radical Cure of Contributions to Gynaecology, Fasciculus I.

Walsh of New York City thought it particularly important to emphasize the necessity for individualization of patients, and to recognize the fact that under this group of chronic rheumatism there were a number of diseases which only when separated could be to occupation neuroses Dr. This reaction is transient and is rarely a cause of discontinuance of the drug if the patient is forewarned to expect the reaction. Tracheotomy should be done under local (Schleich solution) anesthesia. Occasional small Thus far I have been unable to find any tubercle bacilli. As it does all the myriad-named"phobias," etc., under an appropriate head. Rupture of an ectopic gestation means hemorrhage, and usually demands an immediate operation to permit the ligature of the bleeding vessel.