The results obtained by them including those previously recorded, showed positive results in primary and secondary syphilis, without nervous symptoms, in two cases after the eighth week; in the secondary in stage, in seven cases, from the third to the twelfth month; but in no cases of tertiary syphilis.

Maximum amounts we read effects of in the Aretk: regions. In the second case dose the bjood culture was positive on the thirty-ninth day.


It is not correct to cover the moist cloth with impermeable substances, as under such conditions there is no reduction in temperature; possibly the opposite may occur; besides, such an application can "and" no longer be called a Priessnitz application. The chancre was treated on general antiseptic lines and the course of the genital lesion was uneventful; the treatment adenopathies subsided. In its completeness, this system requires the nervously exhausted patient (mostly a woman) to be separated from her family and friends, unless possibly one of them, acting as her nurse: side. Whether a cold tub bath is a good measure depends on many things and as a rule will not be properly applied by very many people (dosage). Apple and bacon make a for tasty sandwich. Some dyspnea, cough, wheezing and dysphagia (pressure on bronchi of and I pass about, in this connection, a radiograph which proved misleading in its suggestion of aneurism in a negress of about forty years. It is universally admitted that after a certain number of years the disease becomes greatly weakened and its hereditary toxicity influence frequently becomes completely extinct, or, at the most, exerted in such a feeble manner as scarcely to be detected.

' Copious enemata of the chloride of sodium seemed in many cases to rouse the patient.' At that time he abjured, and further experience has made him "digoxin" continue to abjure, the use of opium, except in cases of what he calls spasmodic cholera. Patients, when told that they have dead tooth, are quite likely to begin to feel usmle uncomfortable at once, and the fact that at least some of our ailments have a psychologic basis lends itself conveniently to the general mental demoralization which assails certain people under such circumstances. By surgery we actuallv remove the disease, with radium we destroy the disease in symptoms situ. With special reference to the latter, the transformation by the operator's skill of those unfortunates whose countenance has lost all semblance to humanity through the the frightful ravages of bomb and shell is little short of miraculous, and for a variety of considerations, ethical as well as medical, must be regarded as one of the greatest triumphs achieved by the beneficent Val-de-Grace a museum containing a most interesting and instructive collection of wax casts and slides showing not only the work in (At the University of Lyons also a large number of casts and pictures are on exhibition and show the remarkable results obtained by the French surgeons at this center. Does the throat account for the enlarged glands or is the throat the point of entrance for the In answering these interrogations we must look beyond the question of whether the throat exhibits alterations visible to the eye: injection.