According to Koch, three parts of sublimate in a million parts of water arrests the development of anthrax bacilli.

Driburg (Westphalia) and PtiPPOLDSAU and other health resorts in the Black Forest muriated and effervescing chalybeate waters, and provides gaseous-iron and drinking, baths, and inhalations. Nitric acid makes a good issue; yet there are strong objections to its use; it destroys the cellular tissue of the part to which it is applied, making the character of the discharge different from that obtained from the surface of the skin, and cannot be suflSciently often repeated to obtain its beneficial action, by the absorption of its acrid principle. Have not heard from him thirty-eight. We can barely call attention to some defects in our system of Registration, and suggest some alterations which if carried out, would Two able reports on tliis subject liave beeeu made to the American Medical Association and published in the Transactions, since Jarvis, M. The active principles or hormones of the internal secretions of certain of the ductless glands produce their effects in a chemical way and their importance is shown by the fact that serious results follow The use of drugs in the treatment of disease is founded upon the belief that they may chemically influence certain functions of the body. These are desperate cases and must usually end in death without operation except in rare cases where fistula may possibly give relief.

Ambler will show you in the laboratory.

The high stand ucation has elevated the mental capacity of the masses, from whom the candidates for the practice of midwifery evolve, which enables the system for the better ment of their midwives to be more successfully operated than in the states of and attainments are comparatively insignificant.

The i-ise of the Vienna School was for a long tinae the only visible result in Germany of the French renaissance. Though there was a small sinus leading towards, or into the joint, from the inner side, from which a thin fluid was oozing, the patella was floated from off the femoral and a erfahrungen free incision was made on each side of the knee, much thin pus escaping. In the development of the Urinary Apparatus we find the two kidneys preceded by temporary organs, the Wolffian bodies, which are permanent in the lower tyjies of animals. Still it is noticeable that purgatives were actively and efficiently employed in seventeen of the twenty one cases, and that in five cases the cathartic was salts. Since writing the above, a third period has passed almost without pain. There are three general points to be observed in excision and incision of sacs. Intelligent physicians are competent to advise the community on all matters appertaining to health, eating, sleeping, exercise, clothing, food of all kinds, the habits of the individual, the use of stimulants, ventilation, removing the sources of disease (on all of which matters of exposure the public are profoundly ignorant) as well as the fact that a particle of decayed animal matter no larger than can be held on the point of a needle, will, when inserted beneath the skin, produce death in a few hours. Reviews - during these intervals she does not complain of any discomfort. The Crown Prince sent a telegram of congratulation from Wiesbaden, in his own name and that of his wife: edandmore.com.


Two years ago she had given birth to a healthy child. While it was attempted to perform intra-abdominal surgery as far forward as possible, such cases were often evacuated to the Feldlazarett for surgery whenever the Hauptverbandplatz was too busy. In the management of a case of typhoid review fever the arrangement of the sick-room and surroundings of the patient are matters of the greatest importance, and must receive the personal attention of the physician. The tongues of all were coaied, and red at the tip and edges; some were moist and coated whitish, others yellowish; some, in the latter days, were dry and fissured; oral catarrh, including scorbutic gums, existed in some, and also glossitis. This is what we meaa by the expression" Physioloqicai. Good recovery followed in every instance. With these differences from ansemia, there occur the coupon same hemorrhages, white patches, and inflammations of the retina and optic nerve. The gastro-intestinal symptoms and debility as a rule appear first, and after some interval pigmentation follows; occasionally this order is reversed.