It was the first time I used the Trendelenburg position.

Offers property coverage as well as office and professional liability in one convenient, easy-to-read package policy. My experience in surgery of the kidney leads me to look upon it as one of the most interesting fields we have and one which is perhaps too little explored.

Brownne, New York City; At the close of the business meeting the scientific program DR. We have undertaken the study to better understand utilization of Iowa hospitals (

On the cervix uteri, near the os, was a round, indurated (suspicious) sore.

By Tuberculosis of hogs: Its cause and suppression.

Webber related notes of an autopsy of a patient, who, during the last days of his life, had suffered from repeated attacks of hsematemesis.

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Intubation was in which a secondary tracheotomy was done, with seven of operation, or died within twenty-four hours after injection. After ished, and he got up, but could not walk about; and it was about ten days after that Mr. Undoubtedly we shall have to wait for a long time for such a desired change to come about. Oxygen problems in the early days of the Fourteenth Air Force were chiefly those of supply. I cleansed out the matter, and injected diluted carbolic acid. In short, the obvious and simple point is that there is much to be learned from a conversation with the patient, and such a conversation probably involves less loss of time than the procedure of reaching first for the prescription pad or the X-ray slip and asking questions It should, of course, be evident that care must be exercised not to ascribe causality to coincidence. Right arm swollen, and exceedingly sensitive; epigastrium sensitive to pressure, but it did not cause spasms, or disturb her breathing. An Instrument to Facilitate Post-mortem for this purpose. In the Youks-les-Bains, Thelepte, and Tebessa areas, the units were"dug in" and maintenance activities were almost all confined to the hours of darkness. A man's greatest blessings are then met with in the shape of a placid and loving wife and undisturbed domestic happiness.

It seems only fair that if animals are slaughtered in the interest of the public health the public should bear at least a portion of the loss, and if Congress and State legislatures take this view some provision should be made for funds with which to compensate owners of condemned animals. ; Cheddar cheese investigations at Madison, Wis., and Swiss cheese investigations at Albert Lea, cooperation with the Storrs Experiment Station, progress has been made during the year in working out the methods of manufacture of has been practically completed, and at the present time the main effort is being directed toward the problems involved in the manufacture of Roquefort cheese. After the breach has been raised and the baby rotated almost into a transverse position, light pressure on the head in the opposite direction will cause it to slip easily into position over the pelvis brim. We have had frequent occasion already to enrich our pages by abstracting from this source. THE ASEPTIC TREATMENT OF SUPPURATION.

But is it not now too easy? It will diminish the number of those who become physicians; but is not the number now too great? I put it to the good sense THE Aitt OF THE TEUE PHYSICIAN. Leonardo says himself that he hoped to complete his anatomy in the having practiced dissection, he was denied admission to the hospital by Pope Leo X.