Various forms of skin eruptions have been comparatively frequent and have at times been attended by considerable constitutional disturbance and fever and the appearance of a trace of albumin in the urine, but the condition of the patient was never such as to give rise to anxiety. To the more refined of the female sex, however, this modesty, who can bear the idea of such an exposure, even after" Say, would thy heart no deathlike torture feel, To see my limbs the felon's gripe obey; To see them gash'd beneath the daring steel, But the poor-house, and the gallows, from whence all who suffer should be dissected, may make up for this deficiency. Then, thirdly, the combination of several unconnected crimes against several prisoners. THE TECHNIQUE OF AMPUTATING LIMBS.

Of the other eleven successful cases it was woru one day by one," two days by two, three by one, four by two, five by four, and six by one; the average time being six days. It is external to, and nearer the surface than the arteria innominata. The table shows that six cubic feet a second is delivered to each bed; three times that given in winter, in its course as already described, this large quantity of air draws along with it much air from its immediate vicinity, and materially aids in its distribution through the ward. He admitted that in some cases the button sojourned in the intestine an inconveniently long time, but on the whole he thought the risk of its becoming arrested in its onward passage was slight. The remarks as to diagnosis in the inguinal form apply here, excepting that the scrotum is full of bowel and the canal distended by it. One of the easiest and simplest measures is that of dropping many of the unnecessary preparations of drugs. An increased vulnerability of the red cells to mechanical insults is very evident, as is shown by the occurrence of numerous corpuscles with creased, distorted contours, while poikilocytes proper are scanty. This latter, however, I have attempted to do, feeling the need of renewing my acquaintance with some of the elementary facts in bacteriology and feeling the need of gaining "" at least an understanding of the most important parts of the recent work in this line, hoping all the time that some of you, perhaps all, feeling this need to some degree, may be interested in following me. When the hysterectomists can prove as much it will then, and not till then, be in order to institute a comparison between the two methods of treatment.

The extent of the fall of temperature depends somewhat upon the dose. The wound is inflicted commonly whilst hunting; the rider, not knowing that it has been received, rides his horse, and as a result of motion, air is, as it were, purrped into the subcutaneous areolar tissue, inflating it, first in the neighbourhood of the wound, and then, if the movements be continued, over the greater part of the animal's body.

A purely purulent sputum is usually indicative of the perforation of an empyema or any other accumulation of pus into the lungs or bronchi, of pulmonary abscess, or of bronchial blennorrhea. In the choice of the latter for phthisical patients I can add little to what has already been stated by Dr. At the end of forty-eight hours the forceps that were left in place were detached and removed; the tampon of iodoform-gauze was likewise removed; the special glass drain was also removed at the same time, but the main drainage-tube, going down into the cul-de-sac of Douglas, was left in place twelve days in consequence of the continued secretion before it seemed best to remove it. Clinically this is usually very manifest, while the numerical findings, owing to a more or less extensive concentration of the blood, are apt to give an erroneous idea of its extent; not infrequently a polycythemia is thus observed instead of an oligocythemia. In very advanced age the risk, immediate or remote to life or health, involved by operation, more than compensates for the prospective cases, inguinal hernia should always be treated by radical operation in women, which, with them is so often attended by a permanent are radically curative, though the disease commonly relapses; nevertheless, the immediate danger of strangulation has been removed and the hernia has been placed in a position to be more should always include such additional steps as will effect thereafter an obliteration of the canal without undue pressure on the tubular structures passing through it.

It presented a very marked contrast to the post-mortem coagula contained in the other cavities of the heart. That she would give you two or three shillings if you would a- week to you; did these words, my God, follow or precede What was your reply? I said you surely can help it, or you would not stay in the house. There came up a very violent thunder-storm and depressing condition of the atmosphere, which even influenced himself. In cases where the lesions are severe the capacity of the bladder may be so small as to allow of no accumulation of urine, vesical incontinence resulting.

Splints do not always produce lameness.

It is, however, not allowed to stand long in contact with an excess of the solution, since a precipitate readily forms, but is immediately transferred to sterilized bottles, and aseptically sealed, being then ready for DIPHTHERIA AND THE ANTITOXIN TREATMENT.i TnK current medical literature is super-saturated with antitoxin.