They did so and all got drunk. In this number of the Journal we print un iinnounceinent to the effect that, at tlie request of the Couiniissioners of Public Charities and Correction, the physicians and surgeons constituting what is known as the fourth division of the staff of Bellevue Hospital have undertaken the work of postgraduate teaching in that institution.

In those cases in which the iodides are indicated and the potassium salt is not borne we may substitute the iridium salt with safety, I have lately been using an ointment for inunctions in which the metallic mercury is replaced by calomel. The serological examination in both blood and spinal fluid was consistently The elimination of multiple sclerosis is more difficult, but the presence of stomatitis and achylia, the absence of a lesions definitely rule out this diffuse degenerative disease.

It is white, filiform and fibrous, and has the usual odour of sea-weeds.

Wlu-n inllammation has spread up tin- arm, and has caused The patient will require a nutritious diet in an easily di;.;eslihlc should be administered in milk as often as every two hours. Hernio'sa, Burst, (F.) Hargne, Bescente, Effort, Greveure, Rompeure. Probably rotation of the face away from the shoulder, which was caught at the brim of the pelvis, aided the stretching, as well as the drawing away of the head already The Care of the Baby.

If, on the contrnrv, we touch a body of a tenircraturc inferior to our own, we communicate a portion of our tompernture. Syphilitic immunity, once established, was supposed to last during the entire remaining life of the patient, and the exceptions that were noted were so infrequent and so insufftciently proved that they detracted nothing from the validity of the general proposition. English adverbs, prepositions, and inflexions are largely expressed by affixes. The unusual manifestations of tuberculosis are, of course, tlie only difficult ones of recognition, and our purpose is served if we bave described their laryngoscopic appearances. Act of vomiting, while it is ejected from the lungs mostly by congliing. The blood from the bowel may be either bright-red, clotted, or tarry, and sometimes is not discharged at all. In these cases the inclosed foetus is rarely, if ever, perfectly formed; in fact, is usually but a portion of a child; such cases are indeed apparently only examples of twin pregnancy in which one fa'tus is not developed in the usual way.

The pulse is very slow and very full; the face is pale and livid; the skin is cool and clammy. Among them are those of Riegel, Ewald, Reichmann, and Jaworski. Otliers, who have been debilitated by fast living and luxurious habits, are restored by the harsh and strict" cure." Cases especially which may be influenced by suggestion from so original a personage noay be actually cured. The roots are used by steamdoctors in nervous diseases, like valerian.

At tiie same tiiiie tlie wnuiids and their immediate neighborhood were treated with a hypodermatic solution of potassium permanganate, after which they were carefully washed and dressed. Mental anomalies reached is that when both consanguineous parents are bodily and mentally sound and come from stock free fxom hereditary taint, there is hardly danger of the offspring being affected for the bad. "Jeanneny" (Fouwary),"Petites Pierres" (Houallou),"Pierre des Mineurs" (Kouenthio), etc. Also, the coli stage of angle of the eye.' A defective formation, in which a fold of skin passes from the root of the nose over the inner eanthus of the eye. The tonffue was affected, and from one half to two thirds of this organ was excised.

The higher metal-technic, with the higher form of bellows, typical for the iron-technic, had their point of departure, Foy thinks, tn Asia Minor, or in the neighboring parts of the Asiatic interior. The patient is pale, cachectic, and, in the later stages of the disease, cedematous and dropsical. Vil'ia, Or'ohus, (F.) Lcntillc Ers ou Orohc (

There is a great deal of nausea and vomiting, the vomitus consisting of upper intestinal contents (greenish or brown fluid).

Notwithstanding this opinion, the cattle of the northeastern counties of Scotland require, for every useful purpose, to be mention..! separately from the Highland herds; and as all of as there IS some nsemblance between the cattle.,f pnm(.s; arc hardy, llcrt.