Is known as beef tallow or suet; that from the hog as lard; and that from the sheep as mutton tallow. The urachus had not been completely obliterated, and the bladder becoming adherent near the site of this duct, and adhesions taking place, a communication was established between the bladder and the urachus. After many years of anxious reflection upon this subject, the committee feel a strengthened conviction that the scheme is feasible, and that, at the least, it deserves trial. Similar precautions must be taken against the importation of cattle from a country reputed to be free from the lung plague, but which imports cattle from an infected country without imposing The use, for transportation of cattle from one part of an immune country into another, of cars or boats which have been used for transporting cattle in an infected country can only be permitted after the vehicles in question have been thoroughly cleansed and disinfected and attested so by the official experts. In conclusion, we beg leave to congratulate the President upon his message, and the Society upon the selection of so able a leader Report of the Obituary Committee.

By varying the direction of the current, different parts are thus cut, so that the ice is constantly falling into the river, where it is dissolved.

The formation and degeneration of numerous foci of cell proliferation gives the ulcer a very uneven outline. In this state, such an arrangement has afforded good opportunities for thorough instruction in the elementary and theoretical branches of medicine, and secured a good state of Oar medical conventions and the Medical Society of Virginia have repeatedly declared themselves in favor of reform in medical education. It is customary to classify the bones according to their shape. It empties beneath the tongue opposite the canine tooth. Second, it conducts impulses from the viscera to the cerebrospinal system under which it normally works. In into"The Royal Society of Medicine," but after two years of discussion the scheme fell to the ground.

Dove reported a case where a large and ragged piece of bone passed through this canal, causing no disturbance whatever until it reached the rectum.

The returns will show the condition of the stores, and particularly of the instruments, bedding and furniture. The uterine retraction was fairly good. The Belle vue Hospital has a roomy pavilion on its limited grounds for these cases, and its construction was a Would the doctor intimate that the character of any of these general hospitals just mentioned has been radically changed by these provisions? If so, is the change for the better or for the worse? In the same sentence the author implies that it would be"robbing existing asylums or hospitals for the insane of the very cases the State intended these institutions should receive." This is another misconception on his part. A noble Lord, your brotlier Vision ary, has scarcely taken greater liberties with the material keys, in prose: you have chanted him in goodly odes. In some fractures there is no displacement of the broken pieces, especially in small, short bones; but, by grasping the two extremities and moving or twisting them, the crepitus, as the broken parts grate over each other, is distinctly felt or heard. The decline of fever preceding recovery is believed to be due to the formation somewhere in the body (bone-marrow, liver, or spleen), during the febrile process, of a large quantity of protective substances (antibodies), and to the destruction of the fever-producing substances present in the system from the time when the protective The prognosis of fever should be guarded, for we find that recovery from diseases accompanied with high fever is quite slow, because the body must replace the large amounts of tissues destroyed by the extreme oxidation. The state of insensibility having conversed. This spirit we have striven personally to encourage, and were hoping that their efi'orts, in an exercise ordinarily so irksome, would win recognition. The Colorado River drains the whole of Arizona, and the general trend of the drainage is toward Yuma, in lowest point, we will enter the territory here and follow the natural rise of the land upward. I do not think it possible that these six or eight wells were all infected or even probable that any of them were the source of propagation in this epidemic, for there are private wells on the grounds and no fever prevailed in any of these families; and if due to infected wells, why did hoar frost curtail the epidemic? I do not want to leave the impressions for a moment, I am defending the system of sewerage, for I regard it the most damnable and unconscionable method and practice, and it is only a question of time when the hill will be saturated, and then the fever will be more far reaching and lasting than if fly-borne. All "" are very fatal, but the lung sickness is preeminently so, very few surviving.

In relation to our teachers, I would say, it would be hardly possible to gather an equal number of more conscientious, hard-working and faithful teachers than ours of the past year. The patient was a stout negro lad. It becomes pale gray in the bled subject, while the lung from an unbled subject is dark red. The same experiment was made upon another monkey, which is still alive and showed no sign of syphilis six months after inoculation; but another monkey inoculated in the same with blood serum from an immunised animal, but with its own blood serum, developed incontestable chancres on both upper eyelids.