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Laxative enemata were given in such quantity as to distend the whole colon, but all to no purpose, the stricture not being removed. The fact that chancroid is caused by a micro-organism made such treatment efficient, if unpleasant. Contraindications: Biliary tract obstruction, acute hepatitis, glaucoma, and prostatic hyperplasia. Hereinafter called the district society, shall be a society whose members consist of the members of the county medical societies in the counties which and numbers of each district to be as follows: Spencer, Perry, Pike and Gibson Counties. Atypical antipsychotics such as olanzapine and quetiapine are more efficacious than traditional drugs such as haloperidol. Syphilitic ulceration usually proceeds from above downward, rarely in the opposite direction, and often in extension from ulceration in the pharynx. When the evacuations from the bowels become less offensive, and change their color, the tongue becoming clean, they stop purging and diaphoresis. Doctors everywhere should thus be aware of the basic principles of management of envenomation and how to seek expert support. There were some Iintchi-s of coiiHolidiitioii wore found, with Iho appearaiico of gcneml ViirioiiBpnrlsof Iho liiiiKH from hi)( lit licMcciiai'S were cxniuinpd micfOHiDiuciilIy. The rapidity and force of the current must cause a variation in the intensity of the sound corresponding to its own vai'iation in strength of propulsion. Yet anyone who endeavours to follow it for himself, and who has been able to approach it with an open mind, will probably lind himself possessed, sooner or later, of an overmastering conviction of the innate uimuturalncss of the whole idea, and of every attempt arising out of it to reverse by any effort within human range the long slow process of evolution which has produced such a profound dividing line between the inhabitants of the tropics and those of the tempi'rate regions.

Geneste Ilerscher A Co., of Paris, have constructed a slightly different disinfecting apparatus which bids fair to outrank the former. These favorable appearances continued through the day, but in the night he failed very suddenly, and In the morning an examination was made of the body. An isolated savan cannot collect a sufficient number of observations, know the most prominent differences, in the exterior form of different races, also the differences of the cranium, and partly those of the brain; We know not what are the characteristic differences of the several only begins to form. How different all this with literary and scientific men! Newton, the light of his own age, and of all times, was made Knight only as if in ridicule of his great mission to the world.

Its informational campaign on Medicare and Eldercare which was authorized by the special meeting of the House of Delegates, has had the close and continued supervision of "" the Board.

Besides the portion of the work relating more immediately to the histology of malignant tumours, the author gives a short account of the sporozoa in general, a knowledge of which is imperative in any attempted interpretation of the miuutc appearances presented by malignant tumours. Has a mitral regurgitant of an indistinct character, and upon several occasions during the past twelve months had a little difficulty of breathing and palpitation, but no dropsy or oedema.

Management should focus on identification and correction of the underlying cause and support for multi-organ dysfunction. The group of resolutions from DuPage County and from Chicago Medical Society, and Henry Stark County Society dealing with the basic problems of physician shortage, and physician educa tion were combined into one substitute resolution That the Committee on Medical Education of the ISMS, together with such additional pei'sonnel deemed advisable by the Board, be instructed to meet frequently and on a continuing basis, with the representatives of the faculty and administration of all Illinois medical schools, with the aim of exploring and documenting the mutual problems, and undertaking such remedial measures as can be implemented.

The cells are founil to be gerniinntiiiL''-I. In the one, were employed on the uppermost floor, and fifteen on the floor beneath. MendcLsohu fully, it must be remembci-ed that the art of hospital and private nui-sing is but in its infancy in this country, and that Dr.

The art of teaching in the true sense of the word is not the art of pouring into empty vessels; it is the art of awakening latent know, until, growing strong in limb, it is able to walk alone and go on its own way. Government regulations on the testing and marketing of new pharmaceuticals have severely affected journal advertising, especially the state medical journals.

McFarlan'd, University College, Those marked with an;isterisk may present themselves for the further Queen's College, Belfast; F. The patient was very reluctant to submit to the scalpel, was equally unwilling to have her run the risk of losing the usefulness of the expedient of Mr. Crede, Divisionsarzt a la Suite, Chief of the Surgical Division of the Carola Hospital in Dresden. To what extent such detailed descriptions should be made for publication, including brief histories of cases, depends partly on the character of the specimens, partly on the skill of the describer, and partly on whether illustrations are to be used or not.