Increase and diminution in weight are also to be taken into It is hardly necessary to add, but the fact is not always sufficiently considered, that the student must become familiar with the normal appearances (gross and microscopical) of the different structures and organs of the body before he is qualified to recognize and appreciate the alterations which proceed from disease. Both testicles and both cords could be made out and felt normal as to size, shape and consistence. This irregularity causes the upper On the other hand, the six anterior teeth of both jaws may be inverted, and a corresponding falling in of the A V-shaped jaw is often seen; this irregularity is confined to the upper jaw, whose alveolar arch, instead of the corresponding Upper Ones.


The chief difference in this respect between the two places appears to depend upon the excess exhibited by the Denver climate over that of Colorado Springs in the factor of summer maxima, but an accurate comparison of the two climates is impossible, owing to the unequal bulk of data (derived from United States Signal Service observations) representing the climate of the two points, which the Just how far the climates of Colorado Springs and of Denver correspond in the important matter of windiness cannot well be ascertained by any of the data presented; amount of wind prevailing at Denver appears to be much volume of the Handbook, the reader will find a table, quoted from Professor Loud of Colorado Springs, giving the total annual movement of the wind at that place for show an average velocity of eight miles per hour. As in the other experiments, it was found that the anterior ligament yielded so as to allow the forearm to be carried backward; and also, as in the other experiments already detailed, a scale of bone was carried away with the ligament, but the tip of the coronoid process remained Dislocations of Both Bones of the Forearm at of both bones backward, we find them occupying positions both on the inner and on the outer side of that which has been described above as direct. This combination of characteristics would seem to constitute what is required of at least one member of the canal In addition to safeguarding the health of employees, such a commissioner would find in the sphere of his functions such problems as securing a oetter understanding than now exists of the etiology of Chagres fever, and the gradual establishment of such conditions on the Isthmus as would give guarantees against its becoming later, when the canal is open to traffic, a distributing center to the eastward of such a disease as yellow fever, and to the westward of cholera Since the above was written and in type, the commission has been made up without a medical representative.

Taste at first oily, then acrid.

We note with pleasure the systematic efforts that are being made in the study of the etiology of pruritus ani.

These branch and divide with many interlacements, caused by the differentiation of the primitive muscle-sheet into many specialized muscles (Gegenbaur).

The highest grade held by any officer of the Dental Corps, National Guard, is that of captain. One frequently hears it said that the Chinese prefer to sleep on something hard and that if they are provided with spring beds they will sleep on the floor. The mucous membrane of the nasal passages, mouth, anterior part of the tongue, and part of the pharynx, are also rendered insensible, and the patient, in drinking, feels as if part of the glass applied to the lips were cut away. In the majority of cases there is no injury whatever near any nerve trunk that could cause concussion or"spread" of the impacting reviews force; nor is there blood vessel injury.

Cretd, or as calomel, stands as a type of these.

The free swing of the leg and the efficiency of the extending force secure adjustment of the ordinary oblique fracture in a few hours. If the essential nature of the disease were fully understood, we might hope to reach synthetically the knowledge of its causation. Such cases lend support to a supposition that a reunion is possible between the pulp and its blood- and nerve-supply; but this point has not yet been satisfactorily settled. Next year she had an extrauterine pregnancy and is now four at the Massachusetts General Hospital eight BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL whites and this question of the blood count seems a very important one. Respiratory disturbances and physiological variations may cause some difficulty in getting an accurate reading at the first rise of the mercury column, but by maintaining the level for a few seconds or by the comparison of several readings, this is usually readily obviated. Babinski lays great emphasis on the fact that this type is very intractable, responding stubbornly to treatment, and pursuing a protracted convalescence.

They have no initiative; they break down often, and have to rest and limit their work. In such newly cases, where the otologist comes down immediately upon an abscess in the course of a mastoid operation, where he is led to go beyond the mastoid, through the better to make the opening clear through the hone and leave the hone open. In case of need, an oculist's cataract needle or narrow knife (Graefe's) will serve very well. This was a touching and unprecedented manifestation of the love and respect in which he was Another beloved physician who wielded great and lasting influence in the community was Doctor Joseph J, Summerell. Physician-in-Chief lo the Dispensary snd Demonstrator of Anesthetics JULIUS JACKSON BAREFOOT, Jk. And circumscribed pleoritis developed tbas as a lecondarj afTeciiott, is raretr accompnnied br liquid effusion. Grows rapidly on all media, presenting on serum g(Jlatine agar a confluent whitish or gveyisli, moist listed semitranslucent heaped up growth which collapses with peripheral extension.