If osteo-arthritis is a more common sequel of minor joint injuries than we supposed, and if, as I firmly believe, the escape of osteoblasts is a factor of supreme importance in its aetiology, then the view that it is dangerous to use early passive movement in the treatment of the injuries of joints receives strong support ( I have published a case where a villus stained well after remaining thirteen months in the tube. Independent of the benefits which result from free debate and liberal interchange of views between medical men, there is often an out tfth of social feeling, which devel a higher ethical standard between rival professional men than can be secured in any other manner. As regards eye diseases, injection of sterilized cow's milk has been used in acute iritis, infective corneal ulcers, post-operative infections, trachoma, and eczematous keratitis. Case of Carcinoma of Maxillary Sinus, Three and a Third Years after Operation, with no Recurrence. The cut surface of the uterus is scorched in places by the cautery. No regeneration of the sympathetic nerves in the neck was found either in dog or cat. Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago: The The fact that the author has been called upon to prepare a second edition within less than two years after the issue of the first shows that his book has filled a want among at least a portion of the readers of this his first I'dition that his work was designed not primarily for specialists, but for students, for general practitioners who wished to acquire the proficiency necessary to properly treat those patients who were unable to visit j specialists, and for those who were gradually exchang- I ing their general work for special. Cox should be asli all Panel Committees to subscribe a sum equivalent to Is. There are many instances of a leper and non-leper living as man and wife without the healthy one contracting the disease. She complains of general poor health, frequent attacks of diarrhoea, and especially of an escape of gas from the vagina; she has also noticed fecal matter in the vagina; and often has great difficulty and sometimes entire inability to control the movements of Examination showed: The vaginal outlet torn through and the sphincter ends widely separated; the perineum boat-shaped, with much scar tissue between the vaginal and rectal openings, and the injury to the sphincter ends might easily be overlooked; the sphincter ends marked by pits two cm. In the mosquito there is a gland wliich is known as the veneno-salivary gland. And here of the two currents galvanism occupies by very far the most important position, permanent good. The patient was so exsanguinated when the peritoneum was opened. It is onlv just to remember that the interest aroused in the whole subject is largely due to the work and influence of these agencies. These are derived from those parasites that fail Infection with two or more groups of Eestivo-autumnal parasites, each in a different stage of development, is of common occurrence, and a combined infection with one of the other varieties, especially the tertian, is occasionally seen. Any sudden, more or less violent physical or mental impression: review. Hence the patients should be carefully watched. This hemorrhage originated from a rent in the left wall of the lower uterine segment. A form of dry decay of wood due R., pota'to ( The same indications apply to the use of calomel in jaundice, or biliousness due to exposure to cold, the action being probably derivative and germicidal, to say nothing of stimulating powers which minute doses of mercury are known to In children very small doses thus become extremely valuable when general inaptitude is associated with"heavy" in four or five days if needed, sometimes changes the entire aspect of the child. See gave his patients from eight to twelve grammes in the twenty-four hours, with the most happy results: while M. In my own cases an aortic systolic murmur was present in five. As the wards of an hospital are occupied by sick persons day and uight, the cubic contents per bed should be much larger than in prisons, workhouses, and banacks. ) that it is the usual custom at most assize towns to take the pleas of guilty on the first day and ic is, therefore, essential that all witnesses should be in attendence on that day; and (vi.) that the duty of giving notice to witnesses is presumably in the h;mds ot those have no jurisdication to intervene in the matter. Moderate fever, profuse sweats, splenic tumor, with death from inhalation-pneumonia or from suffocation, are The muscles of the eye, tongue, and diaphragm are not involved. Many examples drawn from the animal kingdom show that the perception of movement serves to attract the prey to the captor and is excited by the captor in order to catch its victims. The Sarcomata of the naso-pharynx are of exceedingly rare occurrence. Some insurance companies have apparently stated in letters to individual doctors that an agreement has been Arbitration on Disputed Medical Charges.

Then the medical world had been rife with expectation as to what discoveries might have been before them so eloquently would soon be divested of its mysteries; that diagnosticians might have a clear, unclouded conception of what these voice changes meant. His letter of resignation contains expressions of regard for his colleagues of the Council and of regret for his counsellor in matters of dental administration, retires from his place as a Crown Member, ou the completion of an exceptionally prolonged term of twenty-two years.