As soon as the diagnosis of perforation is made out, the operation should be performed. He then explained that these differences did not depend on the nature of the food nor upon the hours of meals, and that they are not in relation with the quantity of potash eliminated. It was shown ill this case that the peritoneum n the connecting channel of lymphatics betwi pleura and peril num. An acute diagnostician may suspect internal malignant disease, but without finding any facts to indicate its site. In this object he has well succeeded, and the book will have a more permanent value than most of its class.

The author meant by the" iilcerative process" and by ulcer what was expressed by Paget and Billroth. It is recommended that after the fourteenth day of the voyage each sailor should receive one ounce of lime-juice daily, sweetened with sugar and containing a small amount of brandy (


With one or two glasses of the liquid, and the stench will cease. There is no tendency toward a clearing up in the center. The animal immediately lost all stability, all regularity in its movements, and its tottering and bizarre mode of progression reminded one entirely of the gait in alcoholic intoxication. And this, I take it, is the real object of the enterprise which we inaugurate to-day to form an"Association of Physicians and Pathologists," to which we may come year after year with the well founded hope that at each meeting we shall find Without further preface I shall ask your attention to a subject of much practical importance: The fact that the lining membrane of the stomach is both a mucous membrane and an organ of digestion does, in a measure, confuse our appreciation of the inflammation of this membrane. When we consider that a scrotal tumor may be a hernia, hydrocele, orchitis, epididymitis, varicocele, cancer, sarcoma, hematocele, or a complication of two or more of these affections, the reason for an occasional blunder is more be a reminder of certain diagnostic points that will serve to warn the members of this Society from pit falls where others have stumbled. Cases in which that danger "avis" is present are practically always fatal. In a day or two, feeling much better, he omitted the use of the oil, and he became worse; hut after repeating the applications great benefit followed. The other viscera presented no peculiarity. Jack, in which the writer says that the object of this investigation was to determine the greatest speed of which the voluntary muscular movements were capable, and how far the speed was influenced by age and education.

Nothing like the regular tissue of a sac was found, but the surface of the muscles assumed more the appearance of the cavity of an old ulcer or abscess. The State Board is chiefly advisory, but the local boards have executive power. 'J"he mass extended down the thigh beneath foujiart's ligament, as was seen were swollen and elevated, but not iiarticnlarly ditferent tumors.