There was a collection of fluid under the dura on the side of the tumor, which pressed the spinal cord to the opposite side against the walls of the spinal canal, so that the motor symptoms were due to the pressure of the contralateral pyramidal tract against the bony wall of the canal. From this time on, the elimination proceeds at about the same rate in each case. Usually the disease begins in ulceration of the cartilage, and the adjacent surfaces of the vertebrae suffer from caries and necrosis. From such studies, immediate improvements can result and longterm health goals for Philadelphia can be firmly established. The obstacles to bony union, without open operation, are that the tilting of the lower fragment cannot be overcome in any other way; the aponeurosis cannot be removed from between the fragments, nor the blood-clot from the joint, except by slow absorption. The history was typical, so that there can be no doubt as to the diagnosis. This, as the authors point out, is a bold plan. In anemia the mucous membranes of the whole body are pale, hence you will need to examine the eye in health to acquaint yourself with these phenomena. It might be said that the cardiac muscle gives out, becomes insufficient. Again, physicians are It should be remembered that whenever a doctor assumes the management of any case that it is his duty to do everything in his power has any doubt about being right, he should call a consultant.

Such are pneumonia, pleuro-pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, and pulmonary bronchitis. This great weight is readily moved by the contracting muscles without the least fatigue or painful sensation. It is of happy augury and interest, that in the many earnest, animated harangues breath of personal ill-will, no trace, by hint or imputation, of sectional jealousy and disparagement. The intestines had been packed in back of the mass and were covered by the omentum, which was not adherent to the tumor. This may be preceded by an enema, along with the use of cold or hot to the abdomen, and preferably cold. Another second cousin, who was subject to the disease, while serving in the Russian army had a severe attack, and died from burns inflicted on him during it because he was thought to be malingering. The significance of "forum" the ark is not to be overlooked.

The lungs, second to seventh dorsal "erfahrungen" vertebrae. Boots are a predisposing factor, not only by cramping the foot, but especially by not aft'ording adequate support to the sole; hence persons with high arches are quite as liable to foot strain as those with low arches, if not more so. The uterus was contracted; on either border was a brawny infiltration of the cellular tissue, and the lymphatic vessels were much enlarged from coagula; inner surface covered with a greenish sanies; the cervical canal was coated with an adherent greenish exudation. Some impervious material, previously spread over a layer of sterile cotton, is at once placed over the ether dressing and a roller bandage applied. You spoke of treating the phrenic nerve a'bove the clavicle. It is generally conceded that the chief effects of the leaf are caused by the nicotine content, though some students, among them Brunton, attribute an important role to the pyridine and picoline bases. It is another way of getting the benefit of an intensifying screen.