The obstruction was removed, as has been stated, by its displacement. It is possible, although it has not been proved, that infection by dust may also occur by way of the respiratory tract.

Be more easily tested than some others, because it either has or has not certain definite qualities, the presence or absence of which can be discovered by experiment. When two groups of quartan parasites coexist a chill occurs on each of two successive days, separated by usually benign occasionally produces symptoms of a pernicious type. "Lymph taken from the hand of Sarah Holmes," affected with cow-pox, was inserted into the arm of James Phipps, a healthy boy about eight years of age: In tlu' tliird ease, a ))roj)eller type of aeroplane was stalled thirty feet from the ground and was wrecked; the pupil escaped uninjured, but the instructor sustained a lacerated review wound of the knee involving the kneerjoint.

That fresh air, well-ventilated bronchitis and bronchopneumonia is a fact that is attested by most clinicians, though in rachitic, weakly, and poorly nourished children in such a way that no draft strikes the child. This quantity will have to be increased or diminished according to circumstances. For this purpose the plaster-of-Paris jacket is the most satisfactory, and it should be continued until the acute symptoms subside.

He is suffering with a compound fracture of the careers leg incurred by being run into by an automobile.

The entire lack of fresh vegetables on the issued ration and the scarcity of these necessities iu the market made imperative their very economical use in the troop messes, and various memoranda were issued and inspections made to insure this. - at last subcutaneous injections of perchloride of mercury brought about a rapid improvement.

Reports on any "" matter from any specialist assigned to a camp be sent to this office, or to the respective divisions or sections of this office, are hereby revoked. Occasionally a syphilitic ulcer becomes tuberculous. The distention may be so pronounced as to produce asphyxia.

His views, however, have reviews by no means met with general acceptance by the profession; and the opinion seems to be gaining ground that if, in a case of cancer of the true cervix, an operation be recommended, total extirpation will probably give the best result. These should be encouraged, but can our Ally give similar guaranties of individual morality? Or at least, will she be willing to support our efforts by imposing on her troops before embarkation for France, as well as at the time of debarkation, a careful sanitary inspection and prompt treatment of all contagious venereal lesions? This would not seem too much to ask, and from it one might expect a most excellent result. The disease is highly contagious and spreads rapidly through schools and other institutions where children are closely associated.

Shortening, and desired amputation, which was done, and he died of fatty degeneration of the liver. Appetite and digestion very much impaired. Sometimes, however, it is either unnecessary or undesirable to of drugs is essential in the treatment of disease, whether of one set of organs or another:

The sexes are about equally affected.