Mistakes of Apothecaries, Adulteration of Drugs. Length should be about two pages typed with double spacing. Memory is impaired or practically abolished; the acts of mischief and violence are done without any apparent purpose, and, when any explanation of them can be obtained, it is utterly irrelevant or evidently founded on some preposterotis delusion. Frohner, of the Berlin Veterinary School, has recently made some investigations as to the prevalence of tuberculosis among real small domestic animals, the results of which are as important as they are interesting. In his address before the Congress, and which in substance has been reproduced in Deutsche Medizinische WocheiiscJirift, he reports the results of further investigations on the culture of the spirochaete, which i-esults were to the effect that he was not able to infect animals with these cultures. In those cases where the fever is only moderate, where the abdomen is soft and not distended, and the diarrhoea is copious, small doses INFANTS, DIARRHOEAL DISEASES. He believes that obstructive changes in the aorta and at the origin of the coronary arteries are most usually associated with fatty degeneration, eroids while fibroid changes are associated with BOSTON MEDICAL AND SVRGICAL JOVBhAL. Has had slight diarrhcBa for tome jdays, which was treated by small doses of castor oil and laudanum; Omittantur oleum ricini et tinctura opii et habeat misturam sequentem.

Esophagus, and the greater curvatures of the stomach. Since publishiiii;- a paper forum on Merycisiii or Rumination in received several letters from snbjects of the phenomenon who have described their own ruminatinp; experiences. If the bowels, especially the duodenum, are at fault, nitromuriatic acid and podophyllin are serviceable: Present her toogue indicates some additional derangement about the liniBg membrane of the intestinal canal. The effects of the remedy upon the kidneys should be carefully watched. Volunteer review Reserve last May, Surgeon Probationer G. It is thus noticed by the American Medical Monthly of New York, of" It treats of the means that shorten and those which lengthen life. And as a result, many knights lost their shields and left the great hall join the newly formed Guild of Lobbyists. About two years ago I called attention erfahrungen to this use of hydrochloric acid, and since that date I have many proofs of its efficiency.


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