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I believe that the diligent efforts of these investigators will in the not too distant future bear fruit. The doctor gave him an examination and at the conclusion he said,"Doctor, have I got leakage of the heart?" He said,"You have had it four years, ever since you had the rheumatism." But the doctor had "" never told him before.

NTz also provides relief in head colds, perennial rhinitis and sinusitis. A saline cathartic should On the first day, no food should be oflFered; but thereafter fluids in the shape of milk or gruels may be given and later soups, eggs, and cereals. - in some cases without the presence of stone there occurs attacks of paroxysmal pain having all the typical features of nephritic colic. I pass another set of three upward, if necessary, in the same manner: ::::::::::::: A SEMI-MONTHLY JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY This paper is composed of"cullings from books and periodicals." Nothing original is claimed for it, and no apology offered.

Ecchymosis at the mastoid signifies fracture of the middle or posterior fossa; about the eyelids, of the anterior fossa.

The ear-piece is joined to the cylindrical part by a joint, so that the head of the auscultator need not follow all the movements of the stethoscope.

Jacobson," we must remove the cause, the toxiues, and especiallv, as in contagions, the microbe and its poison. For six years the "" patient has remained well. On the following day she said" All right," and from that time her vocabulaiy has gradually increased, until three months after the attack of aphasia she has full control of her speech. In regard to the structural condition of th" capillaries, for reasons already mentioned I do not even pretend to It may perhaps now be permissible to attempt to draw some contrast of the general features of the two cases from which my illustrations were taken. But because these years had first led to a greater understanding of basic problems, the desired criteria for chlorothiazide existed before the drug was developed.

The doctor has been ill-paid, and we fancy that the patients have got, as a rule, but mediocre treatment, since many members resort to other practitioners when serious illness ensues.

At the twenty-eighth hour of labor I apphed the forceps, and after nearly an hour of strong vibratory traction during the pains, the head was engaged at the outlet. The painstaking and ela.borate study of this disease, presented to the New York Academy of Medicine by Dr. Their expectoration has diminished so much that it is now practically nothing (I have not been able to get any from them for a month BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. In some milk diet disagrees, the raw odor may be the factor, and boiling and mixing it with cereal may overcome the predisposition. With a history of miscarriage or abortion a risk should not be accepted until a living child is born at term. In such a case let the patient get the virus and do it for nothing.

He excepts cases calling for an immediate restoration of the calibre of the canal, as in stone, etc. Duhrssen: Surgical Treatment of Uterine Hemorrhage mi Mackenrodt: Indications in Uterine Hemorrhage.

A resolution offered that the Nominating Committee should make its report on Thursday morning of each meeting; after tlie reading aud adoption of the minutes, raised a point of order that the resolution should be referred to the Business Committee. According to Lieverati, the anaphylactic symptoms of the treated animals are caused by the chemical products of the secretion and disintegration of carcinoma.

I made an opening in the bladder about the size of a silver half-dollar, immediately in front of the orifice of the right ureter. We can see the margin of the apex of the lung as it strikes the skin at the end of inspiration and recedes with the expiration.