A physician was called to attend some sixty individuals of this quarter suffering from lead colic. Rose-spots and a palpable spleen Lave been present in a majority of instances.

Ability to remember flashback and to chart correctly the relative spacial position of objects remains normal within the limits of ability to make adequate movements of the hand in charting. When the individual is held for an low barometric pressure was first reached. It should be used also for immunizing purposes. Bugbrooke (dead) Mash, James, Esq. At any rate, there should in all cases be testimony by medical men who have long had the patient under observation. This patient, of course, had previously had gallbladder disease, and I am unable to explain why he never gave a history of having had pain. Adjunct Professor of Pathology, Dirt dor of the Neurologic Laboratory.nnd Bacteriologist, Philadelphia Polyclinic aid College for Graduates in Medicine; Clinical Professor of Pathology, Woman's Medical College; Instrui-tor in Pliysical Diagnosis, University of Pennsylvania: Visiting Physician to St.

In the seventh century, the merchants of Amalfi had already established at Jerusalem the Hospital of St.

Army Selective Service Bureau- for two wars rank epilepsy second only to nervous and mental disease as a cause for rejection.

Smith employs the abdominal route in all cases with large tumors of any kind; in pyosalpinx and hydrosalpinx; in tubo ovarian abscess, and in tubal pregnancy. This lecture presents an excellent concise summary on the subject of laryngectomy. In a few months, she came back with the same symptoms as before.

And yet the two series are essentially the same. The resolutions Resolutions on the organization of the profession in all States were read.

The family history was negative except in one case, where the patient's mother had rheumatism and his brother had died of dropsy. Yellow fever reigas there more or less throughout the entire year. On section the renal parenchyma is found almost completely replaced by a tumor that occupies the entire hilum of the organ, and extends through it almost to its surface.

In this type of seizure, the individual performs automatic complex actions without loss of consciousness but with absence of memory. The false membranes were easily coughed up, and in some cases casts of the bronchi. The hemorrhagic spots, when present, are seen to be convoluted tubes filled capillaries usually have their walls more or less thickened and opaque, and they often have a wax- like appearance. No one can appreciate the importance of absolute silence on the part of the bystanders during the administration of an anaesthetic, unless he has suffered personally from their thoughtlessness, as I have, while being put under its influence. If there be any power of response in the heart at all it seems inconceivable that an increase of resistance such as we contemplate should fail to produce hypertrophy, and that it does so is a matter of certain observation; moreover, in the cases in which signs of hypertrophy are absent the pulse is of normal or excessive rapidity. As to the cause, it seems pretty well established, and the present investigation goes to confirm the view, that the diplococcus intracellularis is the etiologic factor.