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We cannot, as conscientious physicians, be bound in our practice by cast-iron rules, whether they are medical, ethical or theological. Coale, James Wyn Moore Falls and Moses Haslett. If the condi- a much shorter time when the wound is tion is not of a schirrus variety, but of more fresh and open than when one waits for rapid growth and hence softer and more union before beginning treatment. In some cases just a slight sore throat and slight rash were the only symptoms. The movement is next reversed; seizing the base of the scrotum with the right hand, he draws it smartly downwards, whilst he places the left hand above the right, and thrusts the testicles towards the abdomen. Abbandlinig iiber die Bauchfellentziin scropbulense, on conipte-rendu des nioyeiis mis enf.-ms, division des lilies, pendant le printemps. General neglect, facilitate "" its spread. No tuition payment is subject to refund, except in the case of students required to withdraw from school by operation of the Selective Service law, who will be granted a refund for any unearned portion of tuition and a leave of absence until such time as they Any student whose installment of indebtedness to the School remains the School until he is reinstated. In typhus is owing to the much earlier period at which death occurs in that disease than in typhoid.

There is an exudate which coagulates upon the surface of the mucous membrane. He did not rhink that narceine would produce convulsions, but congestion of the kidneys following its use might.

Whatever truth there may be in the adage in certain diseases, or a certain class of cases, in which force is required to repel force, every day's experience exposes its falsehood, when applied to those malignant and dangerous diseases which, according to their essential character, have a definite course to run, and which we have no power or' more especially is it so, when these diseases assume an epidemic form. If the abscess be large palpation and deep percussion will show a tumor in the epigastric region. City laboratories' under the direction of Dr. He gives two interesting cases and Roumanian, sixteen and seventeen years" old, operated, weak in their original speech, but perfect in the French learned after the operation. The wound struck himself in the right temporal region with a hammer. Draper and Wood, in the Massachusetts State Board of Health reports cited, as to make it seem a needless task to eaU attention to the subject afresh, especially as it might be thought unwise to separate the" discussion of the symptomatology of this special form of arsenic poisoning from that of chronic arsenic poisoning in general. Two hundred members attended at the opening. Ekpertiza po diclu o iiasilstvennoi smerti of A. In about a week's time he began these characteristic motions, especially of his face and tongue and hands. E., less than an excess, of an unsuspected fermentable carbohydrate, the exhaustion of the sugar will efifect a reversion, whereas gas is more persistent.

Another case was an advanced student who had attacks of anxiety with palpitation during study.