Edgar Boyer, of Ogdensburg, vice-president; James Hunt, Ogdensburg, secretary; and Edmund Fitzgerald, of Watertown, treasurer.

Other laboratories situated permanently in the section, such a.s those attached to base hospitals and camp hospitals will be utilized for the same purposes when problems arise in the localities where such laboratories are situated ( Poison may be carried to some distance by winds. Through the use of Eisner's culture-medium Eemlinsrer and Schneider claim to have obtained the bacillus in small numbers from the stools of healthy persons. To this end exploration by sight is more valuable than by sense of touch alone, whether x ray localization has been done or not. A most important point is the simultaneous presence of a pleurisy. This Procurement and Assignment Service (of the War Manpower Commission): their job is to see that the armed services get the nurses they need but also to see that essential civilian services are Naturally, the armed services head the priority list.

The student should learn to recognize on the ear margin Woolners tip, fibroid nodules, and small sebaceous tumors. In this way the margin of safety was determined, the difference between the minimum lethal dose and the minimum toxic dose. The Navy way, due to the exigencies of the service and needs of the fighting fronts, differs in some respects from the civilian way. Non-lactose fermenting bacilli, since they are as ubiquitous as the The Morgan bacilli are of interest because they have been definitely associated by the discoverer with the summer diarrheal diseases of children.

Dressings and bandages must not be applied so firmly that circulation of the liml) or exudation from the wounds is interfered with. The rate of gas formation is more significant than the total volume of gas produced, as a presumptive test. Concomitant W'ith the sensory and motor loss, spinal anesthesia results, normally, in sympathetic nervous-system paralysis to the level of anesthesia.

Robinson, of New York, was recently arrested, charged with violating the espionage act,.and Dr. Heberden, however, says" they have no connection with gout, being found in persons who never had it." In the early stage the Joints may be swollen, tender, and slightly red, particularly when knocked. In neurosyphilis it is perfectly obvious one need not give penicillin any other way than systemically. Tuberculins, the most important of whicli is the so-called tuberculin R. The treatment of subacute bacterial endocarditis complete revision in the light of recent activity apparent influence on the disease" is definitely not One is pleased to note the omission of the specialties.

A "" very complete and comprehensive instruction order has been issued and is being (c) Field hospitals: Four are organized and have complete personnel.

Affections of the serous membranes (acute pleurisy, acute pericarditis, or peritonitis), meningitis, and endocarditis are the most frequent lesions. Paine Hall graduates have character, intelligence, personality and thorough technical traininar Let us help you find exactly the right Msistant. Slight differences, however, sometimes may be since the exponential equation has been mathematically studied in a different manner from the first formula, and since, on the other hand, these differences may be affected by errors of measure of the area of wounds, it cannot be concluded that the equation previously proposed is more accurate than the new one. The hotels contain a large number of rooms, most of them small, and are therefore not so well adapted for hospitals, but nothing has occurred to show that the patients have sutlered from confinement within them. Little respiratory sound in front, except above the clavicle, and there chiefly tubular. Because it is virtually nontoxic, penicillin may be given in effective amounts as long as required, intrathecally as well as systemically.