The meridians of greatest and least curvature, which determine the position required for the axis of the correcting glass, are found in the following way: liaving discovered the difference in the refraction of the cornea in any two meridians at right angles to each other, that meridian is found the image of An important paper on spring catarrh is contributed by Hansen Grut in Ophthalmologisk Tidsskrift), of which he is the editor. In rabbits while spermatogenesis is being prepared, and it is only when the sextial organs are developed that atrophy of the gland begins. This supervision should be both by day and night, and should last at least a year.

The book maintains the position it has always held as one of An Elementary Treatise on Practical Chemistry and Qualitative Inorganic Analysis. There was also observed a marked regeneration of the islands of Langerhans and a considerable increase in their During the early stages following the ligation of the ducts, while the (vs degeneration of most of the smaller islands was going on, the animals showed glycosuria. A private, having a revolver hi his belt, with the muzzle pointing downward, managed to discharge it. After death it was found that a second ileo-colic invagination existed. ( )ii the whole, there seems to be enough doubt upon this recensioni point to justify exploratory laparotomy'. It is practically impossible to say in what proportion of mastoid cases this complication occurs, as it varies greatly in the experience of different otologists, depending, of course, on the conservatism of the individual and upon the length of time that the general practitioner will treat suppurative ear conditions before calling in a consultant. The jury weighs the testimony, and a verdict is rendered; the physician goes home without fear of a coming prosecution, die patient goes away far more quietly than when spirited away by a secret star-chamber proceeding, even though ever so justly conducted. Hundred and ninety-two figures, many of them life-size, on fifty-eight beautifully colored plates, also many large and carefully executed engravings A distinguished American artist has lately declared that no one can by the aid of words alone so graphically describe a picture to even the most skilful artist, that the latter can, without other knowledge, make even the faintest attempt at a reproduction of the original. Feverish most of the time; constipated or diarrhoea; prone to vomit. He kept it open with a plug and washed it, and in some six months it stopped suppurating.

There is always an incurable residue in myelitis of the anterior horn, bulbar palsy is always fatal and progressive ophthalmo plegia usually so. Indeed, it was a pleasure to behold with the laryngoscope how rapidly a laryngeal image of swollen ventricular bauds and injected and tumefied vocal cords would change to a picture almost normal.

Ten per cent, egg medic) albumin will produce precipitation of cholesterin in the presence of methyl alcohol. The os uteri was closed, ounces; she seemed better after this, but the seizures came on every scalp shaved, ice applied, and gave an enema of turpentine. Seguin's digital examination, a rubber drainage tube was carried to the bottom of the cavity and out through the posterior margin of the wound. He described the technique of Deaver, of Philadelphia, cutting away the mucosa, amputating the appendix, and closing with Lembert's suture, iron dyed silk. Hirst, and it is really remarkable how closely the various authors adhere to the division of He takes up the changes of a normal character upon the organs of the body, and traces them through the course of the pregnancy. There was no attempt at concealment in any case. They deserve the attention of the widest audiences of the medical profession, as a clear presentation of the more important facts upon which the doctrine of the infectious nature of pulmonary consumption rests.

The perici-anium, however, on the one side, and the dura mater on the other, had become much thickened and luiited together, so as to form a dense membrane which completely closed the opening. Aside from evident cardiac decompensation, causes of enlarged liver other than abscess are infrequent. If pus-cells are numerous they will be found in the tubes, the stroma, and Malpighian capsules, and the capillary veins will contain white blood-cells.

At best it is only a condition of cure, and we may expect it to be effectual only when the patient's food, habits, occupation, and mode of life are wisely regulated so as to facilitate its three thousand inhabitants, fourteen cases of primary nephritis occurred in children from three to ten years of age. These properties, especially opinioni in the case of the thyroid, para thyroids, pancreas, and adrenals, show marked kinship with the defensive functions of the organism at large, digestive ferments, acting as bactericidal and antitoxic agents in the blood and tissue cells, supplementing phagocytic leucocytes which also act as carriers of the defensive agents to the tissues. The filtrate and washings from this second operation again act upon a fresh quantity of fatty acids, and so on; only, in every subsequent operation, the proportion of emul sioii obtained appears to diminish, and the induced chemical decomposition to has the power of decomposing the fats contained in the food into fatty acids, fats acquiring thereby the projjerty of being acted upon chemically by the bile, Nasse finds that starch is dissolved by pigs' bile, but not when it has been nearly a day at a blood heat, the starch was found almost entirely dissolved, the reaction being neutral or slightly acid.