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Minot began his new scientific life by a study of growth, senescence, and death, subjects which occupied him for thirty years. The mere quarterly quorum has been replaced by a full monthly conYention, and the indifferent, formal meeting by an interesting report from almost every section of the county, with an earnest discussion of the merits and demerits of the treatment of" The only epidemic worthy of note during the past year was one of cerebro-spinal meningitis. For this reason alone I desisted from a resection of the rib, and after convincing myself by aspiration with a hypodermatic syringe that I had to deal with a purulent fluid, aspirated a little over a pint of hemorrhagic purulent fluid.

There are no terminal stations.

Two-thirds of the number attacked were cases. Thi-ough this strand a fine canal made its way, which, however, did not communicate with the stomach.

A brief description of the particular tissue constituent under consideration is first given, next various staining methods found useful for its demonstration, and lastly an account of its appearance when stained by each method. If to a conical glass full of icteric urine a few drops of fuming nitric acid be added, the entire lower half of the fluid takes on a beautiful amethyst-green color.

The temperature was at all times slightly subnormal.

Hygrometric observations proper, or the study of the wet and dry bulb thermometer, show the moisture or dryness of the air, its effects upon croup, diphtheria, and the great alterations in size which epithelial and ligneous structures undergo by the addition or subtraction of it. It sometimes appears marseille to be idiopathic and also hereditary.

A cecostomy in the therapy of acute obstruction in the for many years was Chief of the Surgical Staff at Ancker Hospital, Saint Paul, Minnesota, did only a cecostomy to decompress obstructive lesions of the colon. The affection "" may last a few weeks or be prolonged for years. Fluctuation may often be obtained at the back of the joint.

Abscess which exists, without any inflammatory symptoms, with no changes in the blood, with no changes in the temperature, at least so far as our observation of the case runs, and these abscesses mav even be movable. Some may have an appearance of considerable fluid in the joint, whereas on opening it the fluid may be even less than normal and the fullness due to the soft hypertrophied synovial membrane.

It is a commonly accepted rule that a final diagnosis is never made on the basis of a single examination, no matter how thorough that may be. What is paralysis? A loss of motor power in the voluntary muscles of the body. - as he had been under the care of a friend of mine very successful in the treatment of fevers, and as the wife was now having the same symptoms which had attended her husband's case, and as the new views in relation to the treatment of fevers had quite diminished my confidence in my capacity to treat them, I entered upon the management of her case with great distrust. Official attitude of the Massachusetts Medical Society on this important subject. He had seen cases where this method of diagnosis had failed to show disease of the kidney, still it was believed to be there, operation done and no disease found.