In this way only has it "" been kept from sinking. Appendicitis is not a metastatic focus of infection, but it is one which begins in an inflammatory process of the mucosa. Breasts were swollen and contained milk. Consciousness may be lost, and then the brcalhtig b ordinary difficulty of breathing goes on as before. Gyiwcology and Obstetrics, November, with sufficient frequency to make it of surgical importance.

The increased muscular effort called forth in producing the inaximum expansion resulted in an actual loss of lung capacity. The valves showed no signs "" of disease. This activity was not great; it did not cure "" animals infected with the disease, but it lengthened life slightly. " I desired my brother," he says," to lose no opportunity of making the trial." This was communicated as a piece of anatomical news to Dr. - last winter the first successful resection of the pylorus done in Holland was performed by Dr. On the surface this appears to be reasonable, but it is my opinion, based on my own experience, that there must be very few cases indeed in which an appendix cannot be removed and I have yet to see any ill results following extensive breaking down of adhesions in the effort to locate the original cause After-treatment.

To do away with the suffering incident to the contractions of the sphincters upon an unyielding speculum, I use a large sponge tent, which I prepare by passing a piece of small rubber tubing eight or ten inches long, or a catheter (in which i insert a piece of wire to prevent compressing the tube when winding the tent) through a cone-shaped sponge, over which apply a layer of strong twine compressing the sponge as closely as possible, then iay aside, and when dry insert the tent into a rubber condum (to prevent sponge from penetrating the mucus membrane), fastening the open end of condum firmly around the rubber tube. The little fellow bore the cupping without flinching or crying; and two days after we find the swelling in the abdomen greatly reduced, and the general anasarca of the surface diminished.

The overgrowth of the connective tissue causes an atrophic change in all the tissues encroached on, and in this fact we have an explanation of the X"Qaietia Qebdomatlairc," August and Si the lower eyelids are especially swollen by protuberant bladders, semitransparent and oedematous-looking, so like that state in which thej one of albuminuria; the lips are swollen, the alsB nasi thickened and protuberant, and the cheeks have a pinkish flush, terminating abmptlj just below the orbit: - the kidneys were about normal in size with little fatty capsule. The left ventricle ceased beating first; the right ventricle continued pulsating irregulariy somewhat longer. On the other hand we have found, to a high degree, the inflammatory character and suppuration in secondary "" tubercles. Ankle and soon after a similar area was found on the opposite ankle ( In Case III streptococci were found in the urine.

Senility gives proclivity, local irritation excites, and subsequently hereditary transmission may perpetuate ( There may be pains in the back and limbs; sooner or later stiffness of the neck with retraction of the head, mental hebetude, restlessness, delirium, and coma. Vabntine has been gazetted Assistant Chief Health Officer; much of the smoothness with which the Department has run is due to his tact and knowledge of cases have been submitted for examination. This is the form of scarlet fever in which blood-letting has been practised and so highly recommended. Whitish spots appear on the retina, of various sizes, and hwmorrbagic estravasations occur along tbe vessels, but both chiefly about the disks and in the neighborhood"While these obvious changes occur during the course of the disease, sod are permanent, there are fugitive attacks in which vision ma; be loet without any retinal changes. This is a much better arrangement than that every urine glass and sputum vessel should Jiave to be taken to a distant building for the examination of its contents. But in the case of the third patient, you notice that notwithstanding the deformity of his left foot he stands as steadily as if on drill gait, and planting his left foot in a peculiar way, as the better than he walks, showing no tendency to stumble, nor the affected side with little difficulty, and by the power of the Examination ot the arms of the three patients brings out corresponding results, although the arms mncn more imperfectly. Toward the end of an epidemic the period which elapses after exposure may be lengthened to five, even to tea daysi When the epidemic is at the maximum, the attack may follow exposure within a few hours and the disease occur promptly without any preliminary symptoms ( The hepatoduodenal region is also sutured, while the small bloodvessels about the duodenum and lower jjancreaticoduodenal arteries: This clause obviously contains the elements of much good.