In the case of menstruating women the uterine discharge was increased or hastened, a cutaneous eruption also often appearing. Especially the court holds is that true of physicians. On the fourth day, the eye had become intensely injected and the two tumor masses, as well as the intermediate growth covering the cornea, were seen to be covered with a thin whitish membrane, which by the following day had become a thick pseudomembrane.

The barefoot doctors, coupon in turn, train local health workers to aid in environmental sanitation and measures of preventive medicine. Lines, in Green of Solar Spectrum, on larger scale (Dr.

There had been no accidents from its use, and he had given it more tissues were stimulated to greater resistance. The Association respectfully submits that this anomaly sbould cease, and that arrangements should be made which being promoted to the rank and pay of lieutenant-colonel without having to return home, provided, of course, that they have been properly recommended, and are otherwise on behalf of the Oxford ai d Beading Divisions that from the area of the Oxford to that of the Heading Division of the Oxford and Beading Branch. Tho general practitioner should not be overloaded with the administrative work, as that w ould take the life out of his professional energy and interest in research. Review - this is a city practice in a rural excellent practice opportunity, an incentive pay system with a guaranteed minimum income the first year, full partner status in one year, no buy-in, Clinic paid malpractice insurance, liberal paid holidays, and meeting time. Andrew Gordon, of Toronto, practice in Toronto and was very successful. It is not remarkable that a joint thus injured, and thus ingeniously maltreated after the injury, became. It is in this direction that the permanent medical staff of the War Office failed, and failed badly.

All other outlays were unnecessary and were included in the one item named. They comprise over sixty cases, and although I have not received final reports these are positive proof of the value of immunized milk as a remedy in tuberculosis of every type and degree. The large motor pyramidal cells were found profoundly modified to a great distance from the traumatic focus. Fortunately this is now being done. One of the Committee's chief functions is to secure that in calling on medical men for military service due regard is paid to civilian requirements. I need only mention Ricketts and Prowazek in recent Tiad an opportunity of supplementing the purely exclusive methods of Wood culture and microscopic examination of blood films by the employment of the Weil-Felix reaction. Wo believe that a relatively small increase in expenditure would secure a marked improvement in these (c) That the tuberculosis scheme cannot be regarded as a success; and tliat, in all probability, much better results would be obtained were the existing system of overlaijpiug control brought to an end and the whole responsibility vested in one from any of tlie health services unless and until housing conditions, both urban and rural, are improved.

As every one knows, this problem been experienced, both as regards the frequency and malignity of wound infections. Steps were taken to summon a joint meeting of the Central Medical War Committee and the Committee of Reference, and this meeting, which was veiT with an explanatory memorandum issued by the Central Medical War Committee, and Lord Derby's letter, which, for the present, eases the situation, wiU INSTRUCTIONS ISSUED BY THE DIRECTOR OF The telegrams of instiuctiou sent out by the Director of Recraiting to recraitiug officers were Lssued with the sanctiou of the War Cabinet, but we feel convinced that the history of the qiiestiou and the facts of the present situation cannot have been present to the minds of all ita to all medical practitioners of military age on their registers to report in seven days." Groups in Great Britain, directing that all Recruiting Oificcrs should be instructed to compile an accurate list of all qualified medical and surgical piactitioners resident in their sub-areas, and forwarding a copy of the letter printed below from the Secretary of State to all doctors of militaryage, which was to be immediately distributed through subarea offices to all doctors affected. Death from perforation into the pleural cavity. The other rabbi, who withheld his sanction to the performance of the autopsy, based his argument on the adversely. At the same time one is forcibly impressed that there is a need of some modification in several other points that have taken a firm hold It will be found upon examination of the appended list that about one half of the patients have been under forty-five years of age; and, further, that many had passed the operative stage unconsciously; not, as many beheved, from neglect; not from meaningless indifference; not objecting to a serious operation, as is so often flaunted; but from the fact that they were in the main symptomless, or that these symptoms were so slight as not to attract the attention of the unfortunate patient.