Bailey and Marvin, the fountain of perpetual youth must be located somewhere in or about San Diego. Aside from that she has had no trouble, has been apparently in a normal condition, pulse and temperature good, passed gas freely within twenty-four hours after philadelphia operation, bowels move daily, and she is convalescing nicely. It is to be observed, that these respiratory movements could not depend on the stimulation of the par vagum, since they were performed with equal regularity and force, after as well as before the division of the nerves. It may be stated, as a general axiom, that no other organ of the body is so much affected by exercise as the heart.

Of the elements of treatment, patience is mentioned as one which is inseparable. Roosa said that if we were to have an international language it could only be by a revolution of teaching methods, and he despaired of such a revolution because the hide-bound notions of college professors were simply beyond any ordinary assault. This should be well understood, for even physicians sometimes call those simple affections diphtheria which arise from deranged digestion or other causes. The tumor weighed three pounds. This should be thoroughly removed by some simple wash which will change the character of the secretions, and be so used as to avoid any irritation from the application. Simpson) believed that Br Croom was correct in attributing the symptoms to tubal distention, which, however, was very apt to be associated with ovarian inflammation; and in cases that had come under bis observation the measures that had been serviceable in dealing with salpingo-oophoritis had succeeded in relieving this symptom also.


He expressed himself in favor of heat, but believed that heat and cold did practically the same thing under certain circumstances. I feel sure that he passed no urine for eight days. A property which connects the bin-iodide with the bi-chlorid barium, ivc, and giving rise to double iodides, soluble and crystal. I am convinced that there must have been some defect in Klein's method of working, and that the spores which killed his guinea-pigs had not been fairly exposed to the action of the disinfecting" I have tried the action of a number of substances terebene, phenol lo per cent., perchloride of mercury I per cent.), on the spores of Bacillus anthracis, exposing these in comparatively large quantities to the above fluids (the two being well mixed) for twenty-four hours, and then inoculating guinea-pigs with them (spores and antiseptic). Hope, a good authority on this subject, makes the following statement:' Almost all the aneurisms of the ascending portion of the arch, are originally of the true species; but the false are sometimes engrafted upon them; the tumour generally springs from the anterior or lateral part of the vessel, while the posterior part is little, if at all implicated. Thus, on irritating the nostril a deep inspiration is excited, followed by violent sneezing.

The medical profession will never take up the odium of informing against midwives, and it remains to be seen who are the parties who will move in cases of inaljjraxis, short of the cases that are so flagrant as to bring the midwife within range of criminal procedure, for which we have already the necessary legal machinery without any Registration Act. As soon as dilatation is complete, the obstetrician is to choose between radical interference by version, or an effort by the methods of Baudelocque and Schatz to correct the facepresentation by converting it into an occipital one. If you tell an individual not so far along to" make a fist," he will generally succeed, and control the movements to a great degree, but, the moment he relaxes the volitional control of the member, the tremor returns. The kidney is especially prepared for invasion by dilation of the ureters, and the maintenance of the latter in healthy condition is, therefore, of great importance in guarding the kidneys against infection. All functions of the body are due to cell action, each little sac or cell performing its individual work, whether constructive or" The pathogenesis of infiltration, atrophy, exaggerated growth of connective tissue, as well as the physiological condition of retarded nutrition, is the result of an impairment of the functions of cell life or"When the assimilative, disassimilative, and eliminativc functions of the cells of the body are weakened or abolished, the physiological result is impaired or retarded nutrition, and the anatomical results are atrophy, overgrowth of connective tissue, and infiltration of the tissues of the body with elements foreign to their primitive structure. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; This is the third edition of this most excellent work, which has been greatly enlarged and much improved in every way; in fact, it is in every way up to date. One patient had been quite well until the previous April, when, one night, after a late supper, he woke up fighting for breath and life. Sloughing over the sacrum, severe and fatal pneumonia, white swelling, chronic enlargement of the joints, have all occurred in patients largely bled. The difference between these two determinations indicates the effect of painting the pancreas with adrenahn.

He spoke of a case of stab wound of the spleen, which he had heard barcelona reported.