" (e) Operation is necessary when frequent colics occur, even without jaundice or the passage of stones, which damage the general health, deteriorate the earning which are always accompanied by the passage of stones, belong to the physician; should the attacks multiply, the patient become vitally depressed, and no hope be present for the passage of all reviews the stones, the propriety of the operation is established. In the largest effusions the breathing is indistinct everywhere, with areas of metallic bronchial breathing when "" the lung is wholly collapsed.

In cases of hemorrhage or collapse, full doses should be administered hypodermically, in that the immediate physiologic action may be obtained.

This disease, then, is a tertiary form of syphilis, affecting the fibrous tissues, the sclerotica, as well as the periosteal covering of the bones. In young children it is by no means an uncommon occurrence for the disease to spread in a violent form into the smaller bronchioles, and by the swelling of the mucous membrane, the copiousness of the exudate, and the wide area involved, produce what is known as acute suffocative catarrh, a condition which at one time was considered as a separate entity from bronchopneiunonia, but which is now recognized as being simply a malignant form of the disease involving a large number of the smaller bronchioles, and so greatly interfering with respiration. - in the nervous system the most common sequelae are blindness or impaired vision due to optic nerve atrophj', ptosis due to oculomotor paralysis following neuritis or to changes arising from the inflammatory exudate at the point where the nerves leave the membranes, and deafness arising from the effects of the acute inflammation or infection upon the auditory nerves. Although these agents usually reach the hepatic cells through the circulatory system, they may also enter the liver by the lymphatic In the study of cirrhosis we should first take into consideration the agent, and secondly the evolution of the diseased process. It is difficult to determine the true value of this symptom in exophthalmic goitre, but the weight of opinion points to its dependence upon morbid nerve functions characteristic of this disease. At the same time, he attended, during the winter season, the lectures of Drs. Lendet describes a case of multilocular serous cysts lined with endothelium in the interior of a spleen which was not enlarged. New "" York Polyclinic and Hospital, New York. It was a curious white mass, consisting of coarse detached fibres, pointed and free at one extremity and attached at the other; in fact, it was a mass of papillae, many of broken; among these elongated processes were a few rounded eminences, like" fungiform" papillae, and these had a smooth Portion of papillary tumour (nat. CIRCULATORY DISEASES OF THE "number" BRAIN. Such an operation would lay a patient up only for about a week and the relief would be immediate ( The cedema, pronounced urinary findings (in a single specimen) and anaemia of chronic parenchymatous nephritis, are seldom conspicuous and almost never early symptoms in this type. The retina may not only be displaced from the choroid, but also torn from its attachment round the optic disc.

In the skin embolism appears as spots with a white or yellow centre and hemorrhagic periphery, or as pemphigus, gangrene, phone or suppurative foci.

Hence it is also evident that vesicles cannot be regarded as the sole form in which eczema at first appears. - the typical symptoms of ulcer are followed by loss of weight, and persistence of symptoms, usually by gradual lessening of hydrochloric acid and other evidences of carcinoma, (d) Adhesions about the stomach may interfere with its motility, produce deformation, such as the hour-glass stomach or diverticulum, neuralgia which outlasts the ulcer, and obstruction of either orifice of the stomach.