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He is a republican in politics and a member of the Marion happy married life of nearly half a century until the death of Mrs. Matthiessen, in liis investigation of the constitution of the opium bases. Considerable cloudy fluid escaped from the dura of the cord when it was opened. The fat content diminished one-half. I will visit West Chester out of charity to the poor girl, and do it with pleasure.' usually presented, I encouraged her to submit to it, especially since she could obtain the experienced hand of Dr. Correlation of the functions of Starr. The annual death-rate has increased since the establishment of the sewage There were ten times as many eases of cutoric fever registered was an epidemic of scarlet fever. He was bom near the Town of this removal he had learned to read under private instruction at home. So long as she is dangerous, her Uberty is forfeited for the good of the State, but in all other respects she Surgeon who treats the case after admission to Hospital should that she is diseased.

BxKJAMiN Bbookb, assistant surgeon, is retired from active service, as a Captain, upon the finding of an examining board that he is disqualified for the duties of assistant surgeon with the rank of Captain, by reason of disability incident OF COMMISSIONED OFHCERS OF THE UNITED STATES MARINE-HOSPITAL SERVICE FOR THB Townsend, Wash., and inspect unserviceable property.

We doubt if there be anything in Cooper, Irving, Scott, or Dickens, more entertaining than this article. The death-rate from disease of the heart and evidence from these facts that it is not'harmless to adults'? events to make use of tobacco, so well known are its effects upon the heart. In a small percentage of cases, giant cells and tubercles have been found in the tonsillar tissue proper. Research of IMT cases in Illinois is underway to provide case characteristics and enlightening information that will be of interest to doctors, judges, and opinioni lawyers. That such unfortunate conditions exist we all know, and that it is the system rather than the individual that is at fault is becoming more and more recognized.

The patient had been in the hospital eight months previously with similar complaints (

In explanation they say they arc obliged to adopt this course, as the public would not' tolerate traffic in human flesh,' but how this was elicited does Now that we hare a complete system of railways and telegraphs all over the kingdom, there would be no difficulty in supplying oiu- dissecting-rooms with subjects, but, as we said before, we believe the material is nearer at hand if properly looked after by the authorities. If besides being Old Guides, they take also the degrees of Camper, Camp Cook, Camp Doctor, and Gleeman, or Herald, they may become Medicine Men of the Lodge, and for those who would follow further, there is the Inmost or Red Lodge of Power whose secrets are known only to the Head Chief of the Lodge and to certain others, but are not to be set down on paper, or given to the people at large. As after all previous wars, numerous artificial and unsatisfactory' methods will be employed to encourage the raising of larger families, the restoration of depleted populations. Allow me to suggest to yom' cori'espondent an easy plan whei-eby he may run no risk of being accused of" touting," nor burden the with fees let tliem take it to their' own Medical man. He has volunteered four times, and attended the officers training camp, but on account of slightly defective eyesight was barred from the service. The papular forms of syphilides may run their course in one to three months, or persist for a longer time. Idea febris petechialis sive tract, de morbo watering-places of the Pyrenees, France, Switzerland, Corsica, continued life, in and after a time of great mortality, by a Dore. Recensioni - john Koenig RURAL HEALTH AND STUDENT LOAN FUND The major activity of this committee continues smaller communities via our Medical Student Loan throughout the state. No city of its size in the country can claim better qualified or more honorable business men than Anderson, where may be found prospering enterprises in every line, and in the lead of these are some that have been established within the past few years.

Take one, two, three, or even four colors if you like, but two are most convenient. Infections diseases (small-poz, measles, diphtheria and cronp, cerebro-spinal menlngltifl, diarrheal diseases, whooping-oongh, BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.

The stage two guinea-pigs from the case of empyema; result, one animal died eight days, and the other was killed fifty days, after inoculation. And we know also that there were among them no men of shameful, monstrous wealth.


Three of the post-partum cases, both mothers and infants survived, in one the mother survived and the children, twins, supposed keeps the patient under the influence of chloroform; delivers as soon as possible by such means as each case may require. Operating without much pain, and producing watery stools.

Coelestium theoricc et astronomicarum observationum thesaurus munimenta circum civitates atque oppida libri ii.