; so I ordered about five-and-thirty drops of laudanum, in a little syrup and water. Efifingstone; for I was driving by at the time this occur slackened the pace of his horses, and I desired him to stop. They are advantageously given in linseed decoction and may be combined its application on a swab on the end of a whalebone staff, bent at the end, will often relieve the violent symptoms and may be repeated when necessary. It poured with rain; and, to enhance the dreariness and horrors of the time and place, flashes of lightning followed in quick succession, shedding a transient awful glare over the scene, revealing the white tombstones, the ivy-grown venerable church, and our own figures, a shivering group, come on an unhallowed errand! I perfectly well recollect the lively feelings of and which, I had no doubt, were shared by my companions. In debilitated conditions too, with an altered or depraved state of the blood, and during the prevalence of a low tjT)e of the disease, sloughing may ensue from incautious The repetition of the blister is often useful, the healing process To complete recovery, a course of vegetable tonics, such as gentian, nux vomica, calumba, may be given with iodide of potassium for a week or more. Among the non-locomotive medicines, plants are placed, and are followed by mineral medicines; among which, gold, silver, arsenic, mercury, diamonds, pearls, and earths, are enumerated.

The crown was quite bald, but the base was fringed round, as it were, with a little soft, glossy, silver-hued hair, which in the distance looked like a faint halo. Drtsdale still believed in tbe pathognomonic value of the ovarian cell. Both at work and in the stable this horse coughed rather frequently. What is most significant about these abnormalities is that they are similar to changes noted in intact rheumatoid synovial membrane and they correlate with alterations measurable in rheumatoid joint fluid.

The Animal creation is the next which should attract our attention, or at least be considered in connexion with the vegetable kingdom, whether we adopt the ascending or the descending series. One month of continuous wound care elapsed before epithelialization and complete This patient had multiple superficial lacerations and appeared to have been casual in her personal hygiene. Piffard at the adjourned meeting of the county society in April, that it was not the business of the Committee on Legislation to attend to a certain bill then pending before the Legislature. It was then put into an ambulance to be taken back to the stable. The last report was that there was some return of the mucus, and vaccine treatment was again being given. He seemed utterly petrified, and sank not moved an inch, directed him to retire instantly, conduct all the females out of the chambers, and return as soon as possible with two or three inn-porters, or any other able-bodied men he could procure on the spur of the moment; and I concluded by slipping the razor, unobservedly as I thought, into his hands, and bidding him remove it to a place of safety. Sometimes benefit can be obtained from the vegetable aromatics and stimulants as eucalyptol, tar, turpentine, balsams of Tolu and Peru, tincture of anise, fennel, etc.

There has been no regurgitation for four years. Since the foundation of the British Balneological and Climatological scientific knowledge on these important subjects by Fellows of this Society, which now finds a place among the various Sections of the Royal Society of Medicine. Course of health to "" he ohsei vcd in contagions diseases. The changes affected the deep part of the nasal cavity. Wasters and cows with tuberculosis of the udder to he dried oft" and (e) The farmer to carry out the nccessarv disinfection after the removal of an infected cow from the shed. For a long time all transverse cracks in the skin over the flexures of joints were wrongly considered simple accidents, due to physical, chemical, or thermic causes. In the evening the lower third of the left lung was a zone of dulness limited by a Hne drawn obliquely downwards and backwards. L,a medeciue menlale et I'institution du opinion concours.

In osteomalacia, as in pregnancy, there is an increase in the redness of the bone-marrow. When nodules form on the pleura the case may be adjudged tuberculous or Symptoms, There is first dullness, shivering and some excitement of respiration. Of Medicine, Centre for Rheumatic Diseases and University Department of Medicine, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow; and W. IIo had been wounded in the head and was com skull a number of years ago, that of a patient who had a fistulous tract in the frontal bone which occasionally discharged matter.