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I have never seen a single specimen of the lung of a fullgrown sheep that was entirely free from entozoic disease. The treatment, both general and medicinal, is given with only those remedies that the author has found most frequently indicated, together with their leading indications.

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Delivered at the Medical Department of the University of the City of New This is another member of BerminghamV Library Series, and is of the same practical nature as characterizes the rest. Wet packs to the neck and chest assist in allaying the irritation in the air-passnges. Theoretically we have just such an agent in digitalis. This work attempts to do the following things: To modernize the subject, correct certain traditional beliefs, advocate the earliesi possible prophylaxis or treatment, emphasize the importance of a thorough examination and a definite diagnosis as a basis for rational treat ment, and to thoroughly illustrate the text:

The Arrowhead Hot Springs Company announce that C. ' There is no branch of education,' says PresiEliot of Harvard,'which more education is very expensive, because instruction.' The great difference between the modern method of teaching ii laboratory and clinical instruction, both of which must be individual. All observing physicians are fully conversant with the fact that mental afflictions are potent agents in retarding the restorative processes in all diseases and injuries of the body. As a result of some morbid change, the secretory functions of the liver may be impaired or suspended, by which means the yellow matter is accumulated in the circulation. Aristotle is the first author to mention this malady, but his account of it is remarkably incorrect, if the text be not corrupted. This is the ninth year of the publication of the Directory, and as we last year noticed a considerable number of new names, so this year we find the list still further amplified.

These headaches usually opear within one week of continuous therapy but be minimized by the administration of analgesics, larger doses and may be controlled by reducing the sublingual scored tablets also supplied in bottles children have been scheduled for February by the University of Illinois, Division of Services for Crippled Children. With careful microscopic examination, and renal function tests, particularly where there is impaired renal function. A sufficient quantity of water, and add powdered cracker, q. But when he became theoretical, and enunciated the doctrines of a vital principle as what is primarily deranged in disease, and is alone acted on by dynamjgation of medicines, the psoric origin of chronic I could not go along with him. One diseased animal does not transmit the disease directly to a healthy one. Admission laboratory data showed a left, and the abdominal x-ray was suggestive of The patient was prepared for surgery with nasogastric suction, intravenous fluid replacement and antibiotic therapy. Walter Carroll, Choctaw, Grenada, Holmes, Montgomery, Webster. Morphine, in the relief of pain, and quinine, in interrupting satisfactory evidence of their punty, and reliability as to the quantity in each dose; also we extract the following paragraph quinine pills are practically just what they claim to be, whether judged by analytical tests, or by the therapeutic effect obtained as we learn no expenses were paid, that the whole amount of money appropriated was expended in the purchase of apparatus for the medical department of the University. Beal, Contributing Editor CME Conference: Penetrating Wounds of the Neck and Complement Updated for the Clinician (SEMINARS IN Cost Crisis, Attacking The, (GUEST EDITORIAL) Physicians Viewpoint on Cost Containment (Ingalls) Is One Million Enough Mr.