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Some of the mechanical breakers, those with a stream of mercury, are very good, and the Wehnelt is a good one also, but it makes too much noise and the fumes of sulfuric acid cause considerable inconvenience. Omit mash two or three times a week, always adding one dose of Horse Renovator; repeat for a month or two, and you will have a new horse both in action and appearance. Navy, at Milwaukee, Wis., and then home to wait orders. They upset the discipline, and are a detriment to the best interests of others who can be helped. Occasional ventricular premature: contractions may be of no significance but when of recent onset and arising from multiple foci are significant (tucson). In both the last cases the tumor limited ti the vagina could be determined early and operative help brought at the right time with resultant recovery. Of the many pains attributed to children, no one can separate for certain the rheumatic from the nou-rheuraatic. The knee-jerks were not abolished and there was no degeneration of the posterior rabies. As it is notalways possible to determine accurately from which cleft the cyst originated the proposition to base the classification upon the embryologic origin of the defect can be scarcely regarded as satisfactory.

Was under treatment for after which he always improved for a time and then relapsed.

"A fact to be emphasized is that the use of electricity does not, as has been claimed, enable us to dispense with pessaries." The section on the electrical treatment of diseases of the adnexa ought not to give offence, even to the avowed opponents of conservatism, since the authors simply plead for a fair trial of this agent before resort to abdominal section. A description in the sixteenth or seventeenth century by Cogan described an epidemic of typhus thus,"so it went through the country picking out the handsomest, the lustiest, the best, just as you would go through a flock of sheep and pick out the best." Even Herbert Spencer was wrong when he stated that disease was a good thing in that it killed off the unfit. Of this aid the stammerer is deprived. - the question of diagnosis should be secondary and the goal to be obtained When it is recognized that dementia prsecox of our state and municipal hospitals for mental serious consideration by the general practitioner; for if extramural restoration may be brought about, social and economic loss could be prevented, and a tremendous burden to the taxpayer for the constant hospitalization of this BIRTH CONTROL PRECEDING THE ROMAN DECADENCE During these parlous war and postwar times, one hears much of birth control and propaganda favoring its adoption and one wonders what may It is popularly believed that the activities of these propagandists, and of abortionists in general, are of modern development, but history Who may deny that the unwillingness to assume the duties of motherhood was not a powerful factor or the underlying cause of the disastrous decadence and demoralization of the ancient Roman nation, when, following the vic torious but destructive Punic wars, the same propaganda and practices were prevalent. The experiments also show that the products of the growth of the staphylococcus have the power of starting the leukccytopoietic activity of the bone-marrow, thus explaining the cunons reaction that even a circumscribed suppuration produces in the bone marrow. In all diseases of the urinary tract the periods of bleeding are more frequent and intense as the disease advances. University of Pennsylvania to become the real center of postgraduate medical education in the United States may be realized from reading an editorial in a recent issue of the Bulletin of the Fellowship of Medicine which the results already achieved by our own Graduate School of Medicine are hailed as an example of what medical men of London are attempting to do on It should az be a great source of satisfaction to the citizens of Pennsylvania and to its medical profession that the state is demonstrating a continued medical leadership by the epochal work which it is accomplishing in the difficult and important field of graduate country, in the annals of medical education for women. Something was pressing down on my stomach, and I tried to push it off and called Dr. The laceration occupied a fair depth of the muscle, and the wall of the ventricle, when viewed by transmitted light, was quite translucent. They may occupy the lumen of the intestine or its outer wall and they may be sessile or polypoid, single or multiple. It was removed by incision into the surrounding healthy tissue one-half to one centimetre from its borders, and the lower portion of the thyroid cartilage was also excised after separation of the external soft tissues with a raspirator. Most vesical tumors were pappilomata and should have the radium operatively buried within them to inhibit their growth. In diseases and affections of the skin and nearby tissues, in which the principal element is pain, Dr.

The more certain we can be that the spasm has been initiated by some source of reflex irritation which can be removed, and the earlier treatment is commenced, the more favourable does prognosis become, while the more uncertain the cause and the longer the spasm has been in existence the more unsatisfactory is the outlook.