The chordae tendineae are also thickened and shortened.

The method had been used with excellent result also in cases of the lower third badly united and carrying a streptococci fistula. James Alexander Miller said that he shared the disappointment all felt in not having Major StoU's presentation of the motion pictures. Temperature Operation under chloroform anaesthesia (Dr.

A Bloodgood suprapubic tube was fixed in the bladder, and the perineal wound packed with gauze. The face, hands, and more particularly the body, are uniformly pigmented. The sequestrum being enclosed by a very thick involucrum, it was found necessary to remove a portion of the end of this with the gnawing forceps before the sequestrum reviews could be extracted." The patient was discharged from service In the second successful case of primary amputation of both thighs in the lower thirds the patient was a Confederate soldier:"The injury consisted of a shell wound of the right leg below the knee joint, tear ing open the joint, passing across and smashing the patella of the left leg. We desire to speak of the co-operation of the Medical Staff of the hospital who afforded us every opportunity to visit the wards, the Johns Hopkins University Medical School, who had on our arrival already begun to do laboratory work and who gave up much of his valuable time in furthering our interests.

Low levelsof potassium in thevitreous, indicativeof hypokalemia, are valid, but the authors have virtually never seen this, even in cases where "legit" the individual is known to be hypokalemic.

He ascribes these structures to the germinal epithelium, but does not associate them with the Mullerian duct.

Kabies is produced by an ultramicroscopic virus.

The fascia over the gland is next cleared, the veins being picked up and ligatured. The periosteum is thickened, reddened and when removed from the bones may include some of the bone substance.

The blood itself is perfectly limpid. The brain congested, the blood being fluid and bright coloured. Both legs are straight; no outward rotation; no real shortening; position of the leg is perfect. In the intervals between these meetings, the control of the League will be exercised by a governing board of fifteen members elected by the general council and two ex-officio members. House dogs which have been pampered and petted, or those of the finer breeds are more susceptible, and usually take distemper in It has been determined quite conclusively that the specific virus produces an acute or peracute condition with a high temperature followed in a few days by secondary changes due to other bacteria resulting in various complications, such as occur in the skin (pustules), respiratory passages, digestive tract, nervous system, etc. It appears certain, from some experiments of Dr.


In a generalized case, except in short haired animals, remove all of the hair. The apparatus can only be prepared by made of wire and connected by a hinge, with cords to suspend so warped that the concavity of one corresponded to the convexity of the under surface of the thigh, and the other to that of the leg. The material has been ample, but it would have been desirable to examine the peritoneum of monkeys and other animals only obtainable by living in proximity to a menagerie, where one could examine systematically the various genera and species and note the differences. Is there anyone else who wishes to discuss the paper? Dr. Small hemorrhages are observed in some of the organs (heart, liver and kidneys). It numbered among its privates men who by reason of their technical equipment might easily have been field officers in other branches. Many of the women empbyed m this work were college women, and their efficiency had been very high. He took part in battles, a siege and in one massacre. The artery gives branches to the integuments of the abdomen, to the glands and other structures in the groin, to the external organs of generation, to the muscles in the vicinity of which it passes, to the inner side of the knee; and, lastly, it gives the large branch, adverted to, for the supply of the thigh, and by which those inosculations with other arteries are formed, by means of which chiefly an interruption in the course of the main vessel is compensated.