The whole of the tissues were indurated, and a gland was removed lying very deep in front of the transverse process of the second cervical vertebra. This report closed gives the results of a year's work in the are divided into two classes: (l) Those who remained three months. AVhen the horse is moved suddcsnly, or drivtMi iiard, when a draught of cold water is given, or the animal is suddenly brouglit into the cold air, the spells will occur. These cases, which are frequently congenital, appear to be due to a valve-like orifice of the ureter, which is opened only when the walls of the pelvis of the kidney are dilated and put upon the stretch. They were review then left on mucus being perfectly dry on the glass, they were then moistened with tepid water, when several of the young were again seen ta be in motion, the caudal extremity quivering and flowing freely about, the body writhing, but still remaining fixed by the hiead to the hardened mucus. If there be free effusion, the abdomen will be distended, and dulness or flatness will be obtained over the dependent portions of the abdomen, as well as over the flanks in the dorsal decubitus. On adjourning to the small parlour where they first met, it was found the clerk had already drawn up the rough draft of a report, which he proposed to insert if agreeable to the visitors in the visitors' book. Our treatment then must with other alkaloids are on the whole be symptomatic, and directed to meas- somewhat less depressant than equivalures for relief and comfort, not to cure, ent doses of morphine when given Norgate, writing in the British Jour- alone." nal of Surgery, states that the cardinal Many of the disagreeable features of points in the inoperable cancer cases cachexia may be relieved or lessened, are: hopeless melancholy, profound This demands a careful regulation of cachexia, liability to hemorrhage, and the diet. While no age is exempt, the majority of cases occur between the fifteenth and thirtieth years.

By fast about every six to eight months.

All cases of suspicion, and not readmitting them until a satisfactory In conclusion, what can be done for the chronic carriers of infection? We have seen how persistent the infection is and what little effect treatment has upon them. That such was the case in Hawaii and in Fiji is certain; and there is reason to think that in the latter islands, where it was heralded by a parti-coloured three-tailed comet, and marked by an eclipse, the symptoms quoted in the native saga seem consistent with the idea that it may have been measles followed by ileo-colitis, as has happened since. The aged idiot who had care of the man gave his shrill laugh and put out his tongue.

As the fruits of his labor in this field, previously so little explored, his preface that his motive was to simplify the study of urinary pathology and to make it attractive to others. The "coupon" difficulty in these cases has always been, first, in reducing the fracture and. Neither bleedmg, calomel, nor ipecacuanha are antidotes to this disease, and consequently there is no exclusive plan of treatment applicable in all cases. In rare cases the abscess remains stationary'. In some cases the adhesions code are white.

After one, two, or three days these spots undergo a marked change. The diet should be of the simplest character, and the value of a prolonged milk diet cannot be overestimated.

That being so, its prominent place in a classification of insanity need be a matter of no surprise. Chalmers's future labours in connexion with housing that he insisted on this point. Adhesive inflammation seldom takes place in erysipelas without its being accompanied by a serous effusion, and the occurrence of suppuration. It is often important for both breeders and traders to know whether a mare is really in foal; and one MTiter has published, the following directions for determining this point, which he says may be implicitly relied on:"After the first service of the horse, and before the next trial, on examining the vagina, or bearing, if conception has not taken place it will appearing at the lower part, and which, if touched, will nicline to extend; but if conception is present, a different appearance of the sui-face of the vagina will be presented. It is at all events a rational undertaking to empty the intestine by one or several fistula. The quality of the pulse is plainly recognized in the sphygmographic Associated with these characteristic signs of aortic regurgitation are those depending upon the increased size and muscular power of the heart.