Among the various affections observed in the course of tabes dorsalis, and sometimes beginning early in the disease, is hemiatrophy of the tongue, a symptom to which but little attention has been paid. Alcoholism are the direct result of the continuous action of a toxic principle, and no success of even a temporary kind can be expected unless the poison be withdrawn. With regard to the groat remedy, quinine, there are good reasons for thinking that its action inference, when we see decided doses of it producing blindness, deaf, nessand roaring in the cars; that is, phenomena of disordered sensation; and if so, its power as a febrifuge is best explained by supposing that tlie causes of fever are lodged in that svistem where its effects The opinion of many distinguished pathologists, that the mucous membrane of the stomach is the true seat of the disease, and that this aiTection is inflammation of that membrane, is disproved by the very difTerent effects of the same remedies in Gastritis and Intermittent fever. Fish - dyspnoea the reader is referred to the article on emphysema. The number of the corpuscles must in this way be proportionately augmented, and this must lead to the numerical increase, as well as to the higli percentage of haemoglobin, until a balance is struck between the production and destruction of the blood-corpuscles ( The pupils were normal and the Yaughan says of mydaline, another of these bases, that it"has an entirely specific action. The tickets and diplomas of eclectic, homoeopathic, or botanic colleges, or colleges devoted to anyspecial system of medicine, are considered irregular, and will not be recognized mider any circumstances. At the end of a week another pliysician saw her, and speedily relieved these symptoms. The student can turn and find what he desires stated in a brief and condensed form.

As it has sometimes been found difficult for patients to tolerate a sufficient quantity of the sodium salicylate by the stomach, Erlanger, oJvm in the Clinical Institute were given as an enema.

In severe cases, where there is an extraordinary amout of congestion and pressure in the system, there is no doubt of the expediency of blood-letting. CENTRAL STAFF AND SMITH // AND HAZEN.

For the same reasons, also be careful to order all mixtures, that may separate on standing, to be shaken before pouring out the dose, otherwise the patient may get all the active ingredients in either the first few or the last few When you prescribe a remedy of such an active character that it would poison if taken in large doses, or all at once, it is wise to make such verbal cautionary remarks about it as will fully put those who administer it on their guard (site-pu/medu/ It is written in a style at times amusing, and at times rather startling in its experiences, but the writei- evidently enjoyed his task and the readers will, in parts, enjoy the hook. The symptoms are so characteristic, with the addition of a history of a wound, that an error seems hardly probable. Its early adoption, and to bring about its introduction wherever practicable. What are the causes of Post-Partum IV.

To refer to the author in question: By the most extensive and persevering application of strength being recruited, by some light nourishment which her stomach became able to receive and by sleep, in the afternoon the labour time dead, was expelled. The lesions of shingles are usually so well marked that an error in diagnosis should not occur. Several doctors at difi'erent times have examined tiie shoulder; some have said it was not properly reduced, and advised a suit for malpractice. Coagulation two minutes sooner than with the XVII.

During the period of disappearance of the disease there is a gradual return to the normal condition, until the hyperplasia, dilatation of the blood-vessels, and cell infiltration has completely disappeared. There would seem to be three poor devils.

It is hard to mention one single medicine which in this state will not prove stimulant, and if the stomach be unfit for stimu'ants, it must be unfit for the generality of medicines. The second case was one of Huchard's; it broke out very suddenly with intense symptoms, http and was accompanied by herpes of the pharynx and of the lips.