The giving or withholding of alcohol depends upon its effect upon the pulse; should the pulse rate fall and the tongue become moist it may be continued. Inasmuch as there are several sources of contamination in this method, it has been largely displaced by the modilied procedures. This is certainly a very important feature of antiseptic treatment which is applicable to the practice of conservative surgery, and it enables the surgeon to watch the restorative powers of nature in many cases without jeopardizing the life of the patient. Not admitted to hospital or excused from duty will not be registered. Foster remarked that if the opinion that labor should be induced had ever been entertained, he supposed it had been based on the supposition that the child continued to grow after the ninth month, and was therefore liable to give rise to difficulty at the time of labor. The most frequent form, he believed, was due to determination of blood from excitement, severe or unwonted exercise, solar exposure, or arrested secretions.

While there have been many successes, yet there had been some failures. It is rarely seen before the second day, erfahrung and is as a rule distinct by the third or the fifth day. We have for some time past given our preference almost exclusively to Listerine as an antiseptic in the puerpera. After the expiration of a year, they will no longer be considered eligible until again exaniined.

Ships for patients are ordinary transports or vessels turned over to the Medical Department for temporary use in emergencies when hospital ships are not available. Then follow eight and a-half inches more of firmer and more decolorised fibrinous cast, of gradually decreasing size; the outer layers in some places easily detached, and showiiig darker clot within; and, at the end, an inch and a-half of thin u-regular clot. Forty-five in number, whose children were the Gigantes, were of enormous size. A young man was crouching beside a hot hard-coal iron-pot stove, while another, a was seated, apparently for want of any better place, on the fbot of a nasty bed. With one exception, the whole of these cases did perfectly well; and the exception had nothing to do with the the use of suction.

It proved fatal only in three instances, and these were negroes. Heat deflector, for operating light fixture, Pipe, distributing, metal.

(a) If the supphes thus provided for detached battalions or companies prove insufficient for the requirements of practice marches and other field exercises engaged in during peace they may be supplemented by equipment improvised from post supplies, but requisitions for field supplies in excess of these provisions should not bo (h) In order to carry out the provisions of this paragraph, surgeons of detached battahons or companies will be required to hold the supplies (except individual equipments) pertaming to the combat equipment and camp infirmary on memorandum receipt from the division the distribution of the field medical equipment of the organization will be decided by the War Department upon the recommendation of the department commander in whose department the headquarters of the organization is stationed. These increase the probability of pregnancy. " The weights and measures in actual use throughout the United States are the avoirdupois weight of the present British"Imperial System;" the troy weight and apothecaries' weight, avis which was abolished in England by English linear measures; and the wine measures and Winchester measures, abolished in England simultaneously with the abolition of the apothecaries' weights. Flat on the broad surfaces or depressed like a biconcave lens; or even concave on one side and convex on the other, somewhat cup-shaped. While the dressing was being applied, the lad was obseryed to make several rapid respirations, and then to cease breathiiig. He gave a sketch of the advance of surgery during the last half century, able in its way, but everybody has grown a little tired of hearing about the beneficent discovery of chloroform, the triumphs of the antiseptic system, the beauty of drainage, and so on. It differs during the earliest periods of intra-uterine life in having, indeed, a very distinct nucleus; thus adding anotlrer to the many examples already known of a temponu'y structure in the higher animals corresponding to a permanent one mouse.

A lactose litmus gelatin is very useful in differentiating various organisms.

Would it not be discovered tendency to such be transmitted? If due to a disordered Dr.