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Post-ofBce orders should be made payable at the General Post Office, London. Experinientorum ad veriorem cysticse bilis iudolem Mauritii Friederici Iloutli, Joannis "surveys" Philippi Riiling, Fridorici Ludovici May, indicit. While lying in bed recovering from the injury he had a serious attack of gout in the foot. The complication may be without symptoms, though pains in the back and sternal region with dysphagia may be present; its diagnosis is uncertain and its treatment merely palliative. Hence, it follows of the white corpuscles and proliferation of the protoplasm of the survey tissues; while morphia, by raising the vascular tonus and diminishing the heart's action, tends to remove the congestion. The patient was found to be a small woman, with muscles small, hard, and in good condition; her skin was dry and thirst. De corrected and enlarged, by Christopher Bennet. The result had been very satisfactory, in and by the use of a truss control of the evacuations had been comfortably attained. It now contained much albumin, and in the sediment there were a few erythrocytes.

Len such conditions result from the non-closure of a chronic iscess, the walls consist of exactly the same structures as ose of the original abscess, viz., an external fibro-cicatricial iilar layer, merging into healthy tissues, and an internal g of pyogenic membrane containing tubercles, if the origi e is a tendency for the granulating wall to become covered cted to close until the epithelium has been removed, and a raw t is often a matter of the greatest difficulty to secure the heal of a sinus or fistula, and the following are the main causes of non-closure: (i) The presence of some chronic irritant in the )ths of the wound, such as a piece of the clothing, a catgut ature, a piece of silver-wire used in an operation, or of some eased tissue, such as a fragment of dead or carious bone: the irritation of discharges finding an exit through the iiicient drainage of a deep cavity, so that there is always a part, due either to voluntary movements, as in the limbs, or involuntary muscular action in the immediate neighbourhood, epithelium down the sinus or round the margin of the fistula; oi infiltration around, but in cases where foreign bodies are lodge within, or where diseased bone exists, it is usually surrounded b accomplish in dealing with a sinus or fistula. : Clinical features of Hawks, E. For his course at Oxford I have had to depend upon the statutes quoted "" in Anstey's Munimenta Academica and upon Hastings Rashdall's Universities of the Middle Ages.


" The swelling will then have usually disappeared and the tissues will have so far regained their tone as to make it easy to introduce the sutures and to produce perfect coaptation." He also recommends injecting sweet oil on the day following the operation, and to let it remain, repeating this daily, at the same time giving citrate of magnesia or some other mild cathartic in small doses, keeping the stools in a liquid condition and moving the bowels daily.

Other cases have doubtless occurred, but the hyperplasia has been overlooked.

In a few of these there will be found no abnormal condition of the recti muscles, and a correction of the hypermatropia will result in a permanent cure. Give water, acidulated with aromatio sulphuric acid, to drinkfive drops of the acid to one ounce of watei--which may be advantraously given warm.

Finding so little evidence of poisoning, I attribute her exhausted condition to the carbuncle. A practising midwife in any county or county borough, without having previously obtained from sign the local supervising authority a licence enabling her to practise therein, which licence shall be granted on proof by the woman that her name is ou the midwives' roll. ) Arthritidis atque Pfolsprundt ( Heinricb von ).

Distant over a mile) (one way only). The differences met witli on opening the abdomen in this disease depend, no doubt, on the nature of the infection and on the resisting power of the tissues of the patient.