- an indigenous plant, growing from Maine to Wisconsin, which flowers in May, the flowers having the odour of hyacinths. Leaving out of consideration the acute cases in which recovery would take place in any event, and the large percentage of patients who are benefited by mental suggestion, and to whom each new system of quackery as it comes along is a revelation and a source of delight, there are many more or less chronic and irresponsive cases, which are ameliorated at all events temporarily by the osteopathic practitioners. I now ask the hospitality of your columns to allow me to show why it would be wise for the medical inofession to secure the return of at least one doctor Labour candidate in some one of the university seats where the doctors comprise a large proportion of tlie University constituencies are quite special constituencies, with an electorate which is special among electorates iu that the electors are login mainly members of the learned professions. His pupils thus learned to place implicit confidence in his judgment, arrived at after an exhaustive study of the history of the case and the appearance and the physical signs presented by his patient. I agam state that mine is entirely dilteient, and evidently considered supe r or to his by such an authority as Dr. Members intending to read papers are requested to communicate with the presidency of David Bower, M.D. The"orders' to be signed by the justices acting are somewhat different from those There are provisions with regard to" single patients"in the houset of medical men and of others; and with regard to visitation and reports, by the district medical officers, of pauper lunatics taken charge of by relatives who receive an allowance for so doing from the authority liable for the maintenance of such lunatics. With a suitable instrument the periosteum is pushed off from the rib and with sharp forceps the bone is cut and retracted to the proper distance and it is cut again. The combined use of tobacco and alcohol appears to be synergistic. The nuts, Cembro nuts, Nu'dei CemhrcB, have an "raw" eatable kernel, and yield oil. The patient has no control over the process. Thus nature teaches us that the woman's nutrition should be well maintained both during and after pregnancy. At present l)otli the anterior and the posterior wall are chosen, though the preference seems to lie with the posterior wall, reaching it through The third step is the finding of the small intestine and thi selection in it of the point for anastomosis. Exceedingly interesting in themselves, and illustrative of the importance of cytodiagnosis, are the exceptions to this rule. He became found to be normal in both eyes, and ophthalmoscopic examination revealed two small retinal haemorrhages in the left eye. And collectively, during my term of office, as President shall be a beacon to illuminate my memory, as one of the brightest and happiest SYPHILIS AN IMPORTANT CAUSE OF It is not generally realized that preexisting syphilis, in a patient with acute lobar or bronchopneumonia, may cause a serious postpneumonic pulmonary complication, characterized by persistent septic fever and persistent failure of resolution. He was untiring in his efforts to cartr for and evacuate the wonnded. Some revealed an increased thickening of the valve and contraction and during the patient's residence in the country, symptoms of obstruction of the rectum or sigmoid developed. He left Persia in study at Edinburgh, where he look his M.D.

Thomas, Ga., and will proceed to Fort Wood for duty, to relieve George Newlove, contract surgeon, who will proceed to Fort Ethan Allen for assignment to duly with troops of the Second Cavalry en route to the Philippine Islands. Side by side with improved methods of treatment, during the whole campaign "superfoods" inquiries had been going on into the nature of diseases, their prevention, diagnosis, aad treatment.

The fruit, which is largely eaten for mouth without chewing. The names of doctors recommended for commissions who practise in districts reported to be seriously atfected by the epidemic have been temporarily withheld, and the Ministry of National Service has been asked to apply to of Education has been asked to encourage local educational authorities to release school medical officers from routine inspections during the epidemic, so that they may assist the general practitioners in areas in which depletion has been carried to such an extent that the ju-actitioners are brought very uear the breaking point. The Court was required to hear such witnesses as were presented and As the result of observation of the operation of the act and in an effort to keep abreast with the changed industrial conditions and the advanced trend in labor legislation, many radical changes both in procedure and in compensation schedules have been effected since enactment Commission disclosed so many inadequate settlemmts that the creation of a supervisory body to administer the law was imperative, and the in the Department of Labor, and is composed of the Commissioner of Labor, as Chairman thereof and Commissioner of Compensation, of whom also acts as its Secretary, and such referees and other employees as may, in the judgment of the Commissioner of Labor, be The Commissioner of Labor, the Deputy Comjnissioners and the Referees appointed under the act, sitting, either individually or together, have exclusive original jurisdiction of JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY all claims for compensation, have the same power as the Court of Common Pleas to issue subpenas; to compel the attendance of witnesses, the production of books and papers; and the judiciary authority to render decisions.

Kew associations recognized to be needed for tlie jirogress of the sciences aud their application shall he established forthwith by the Allies and tho Cuited Stales with the contingent co-operation of neutrals.


Dose from forty to sixty or seventy grains in a Glass of White Wine Quart or three Pints of the Posset-Drink while sweating. A bandage, caramel used by the ancients in cases of fractured clavicle. The plant is a native of Goa; it is a small shrub, with somewhat pendant branches and triple-pointed leaves; the flowers are white and elongated, and about one inch in length. COLONIAL HOSPITAL, PORT OP SPAIN, TRINIDAD.