Whether these bodies have any actual causal relation to trench fever, is much more difficult to say. Tests for acetone and diacetic acid may show these substances in the urine but these bodies, while they are important, only indicate one form of acid production, namely, that from the incomplete oxidation of fats, moreover they may recur in easily demonstrable quantities without diminishing the bicarbonate reserves of the blood, and further, there may be severe acidosis in their absence. Richey said he had noted twosymptoms not mentioned as being pres TRANSACTIONS OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY ent, but which he had seen in a few cases; viz: exophthalmos, due to displacement of the eyeball from swelling in the orbital cavity; and interference with the nutrition of the eyebrows, understand from the report of the case, to inflammation from continuity of tissue. These were:" That the world was afire," that" She had no bowels," that" She was to be burned," that" Her sister and cousin were in the wall of the room," that" The nurses had choked her," that" She was numb all over," that" People were passing the house and talking about her." The puerperal case develops as follows: a few days after delivery, usually within the first week, the patient, having hitherto presented no abnormal mental manifestations, appears dull or bewildered, pays little attention to what is going on about her and makes irrelevant remarks. With the great variations in the character of epidemics, it is easy to see how methods of general and local treatment should have arisen, been supported for a time, and then supplanted by others. Tlie bromides of potassium, sodium, and strontium have a relative hypnotic value in the order mentioned, and are efTeetive in acute mental disease only in large doses ( The question frequently arises as to whether or not the patient should be waked for nourishment.

Warden had seen a great change in the ring, after three-or six-months' regular exescise.

It is mostly bought up by travelling traders, and suffers much exposure during their journeys, so that much of it reaches us in a reviews mouldy and damaged condition. Alveolar abscess is not uncommon, especially in connection with carious teeth, and is of some gravity as a general secondary infection may occur.

When mediation takes place with the fifth, seventh and ninth cranial nerves, reflex action results mainly in an increased secretion and an increased irritability of the nasal and oral cavities, the disturbance in the cheeks, and tongue; in trophic changes in the tongue, which at times cause it when protruded to turn toward the affected side: and in pain expressed in the sensory neurons of the fifth cranial nerve (headaches).

The rapidity and force of the action of the heart were increased during the strokes of the Fifteen minutes after the strokes, the cock breathes rapidly; the heart beats rapidly, and comb and leg, and the effects of the first strokes were thus increased. There was no flnid in the ventricles, but the plexuses of the velum interpositum were excessively distended. Gallup, and his soooes was not so marked. Titus Livius, the most elegant of Roman Historians, whilst recording in his Historr time gives no such minute and accurate descriptions, as would enable the physicLi:! of modern times to recognize the true nature of the diseases. Iodoform (CHI.,), which contains more than ninety-six and one-half per cent, of iodine, is decomposed by the tissues with which it comes in contact, and iodine is liberated. In the second class of cases, no perceptible anatomical lesion in the cerebro-spinal axis was observable. A glance at two maps on the wall will give a better idea than any words can of the great recent advances in this direction. Prominent while acting as a consulting physician on duty on tlie Palestine lines of communication, was dysentery. He did not, in the light of subsequent events, believe that it was a case of tubercular meningitis.