In tuberculosis of the apex the consolidation is superficial. Reik said that tuberculous suppuration of the middle ear was not so dangerous as suppuration due to pyogenic organisms.

Experiments seem to promise the addition of a vaccine of micrococcus performance for its beneficial results in lessening pain and retarding growth, and secondary deposits in some forms of cancer. The clinical picture varies with the mode, seat, extent, and stage of infection.

Embryology does not teach us much about the origin of the valvular part, while the development of the other parts of the aorta is pretty well The valvular part of the aorta (or pulmonalis) is constructed mainly of three dififerent kinds of tissue, the tendinous tissue forming the cardiac and aortic rings, the collagenous and elastic tissues the sinus Valsalvae.


The first and best paid place on the editorial staff should be given to an all-around medical man, with no duty in life except to teach the millions of readers the axioms of physiology and hygiene, and their application to practical, every day life; they should no longer rely on the haphazard opinions expressed by medical men who were given no time to think or who were waiting for an opportunity to advertise themselves. Containing a Review of the Position and Requirements, and Chapters on the Management, Revenue, and Cost of the Charities. About half the subdued the movements, iron, cod liver oil or arsenic was prescribed, as seemed indicated, and the patients were under observation for a further three weeks in the convalescent home. The caliber of the tube may diminish from some cause so as to be an obstruction. In those chests which are well covered with muscles and fat and whose voices are deep bass the natural resonance of the voice is obscure and of limited or with one modified for the purpose while the part is struck in some value to this combination of auscultation and percussion, but Fournet affirms this mode to be deceptive; the perceived sound bearing no precise relation to the condensation or rarefaction of the subjacent parts.

In New York City, the annual number of deaths from consumption alone, exclusive of other, non-pulmonary, forms of tuberculosis, is were reported to the Board of Health. I have failed in finding any one who could say whether or not it was normal until he compared it with the skiagraph IV B of tlie normal wrist, and I have also failed in finding any one who could not detect the deformity when compared with the normal side.

China when the condition of the stomach is such the lightest kind of nourishment is not digested and when there is great bodily weakness. The body was cedematous throughout. A skiagrams and jr-ray photographs and by using the manometer during the induction of an artificial pneumothorax.

Polaillon cited a recent case of his own where the results were quite contrary to those obtained by Berger (

Yet the fact remains that these children who by reason of their retardation must be classified as of subnormal mentality are physically subnormal in a greater degree than the average child. The true epigastric hernia, like all other herniae, presents a canal, a sac, and its contents. Wichmann describes an epidemic of so-called St. V, The Society then proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, with the following result: Drs.

A culture still showed the pneumococcus.

He reiterated his persuasion, that the fixing of the pelvis is often essential to success, in consequence of the patient's being liable to move about and defeat the manipulations of the surgeon.

And air passages, and most always It commences there and seldom, if commences on the tonsils and phar- ever, implicates tne larynx or any ynx, extending along the nares vel- part of the fauces, um pendulum palati, and sometimes There is no vomiting or diarrhoea, downward to the larynx. When the nutritive temperament prevails which is the case when the nutritive functions are greater in proportion, a person is liable to become stout and bulky and yet in perfect health, he is exposed to the danger of becoming so plethoric and fat as to exceed the bounds of health.

Y.) Academy of Medicine, which passed out of active existence some The Cumberland County (Me.) Medical Society held its annual meeting in Portland on Sep the ensuing year: President, Dr. There are cases, he thought, where neither Reed's method nor any other will be of avail; such as the disposition of solid matter in the acetabulum, and the binding down of when proper attempts are made to reduce and the operation fails, after judicious efforts, the surgeon should not persist any longer.