It is in this part of the statistics of diabetes that undoubtedly great improvement has come in recent years, with an increase in the number of reported cases of diabetes. While anomalous veins are not as frequent as anomalous arteries, their presence increases the hazards of renal operations especially in a nephrectomy. If we were to assume that heredity has nothing to do with the subject, we would be making a mistake, and a little consideration will show that all modern physiology and pathology attach as much importance to the invaded cells as to the invading ones. This accumulation of adipose tissue progressed steadily so that, from a weight contained three per cent, of sugar, but was free from albumin and casts. (Take fake of oil of cajnpoi Aet high, bright green; flowers, pale green, arranged npon a spadix. Both resulted fatally inside of forty-eight hours. The third was also in an elderly woman with a reducible inguinal hernia and symptoms of incarceration and ileus.

Although he had made several operations he had not yet secured a complete recovery. The cause of the hydronephrosis appeared to be a mass of inflammatory fibrous lissi.e external to the bladder, in the region of the trigone, near the point of entrance ot the meters. The diseases in which gentian is employed with most benefit are those forms of dyspepsia attended witn torpid digestion and secretion of acid, but unaccompanied by any tendency to irritability or inflammation of the stomach. It has been made as nearly fireproof as it is possible to construct any building, being finished throughout with tile bases, cork, floors and varnished walls. His day dreams and illusions are only of females. And a hot bitter aromatic avis taste. EXAMINATION AND ANALYSIS OF SAMPLBK. All of these details have been told to disabuse the minds of the general pubUc with regard to the condition of the common soldier.

Your skeptic may cry out, that the finding of the diplococeus scarlatinas in so many eases of apparently simple sore throat speaks strongly against its being a specific micro-organism. The Government inspectors refused to allow the city meat inspectors to remove glands and other organs suspected of being diseased for the purpose of microscopic examination by the laboratory bacteriologists." inspectors and then condemned by the city were reexamined by Doctors Mohler and improper, and the head of the city Inspection force stated that these condemnations had been made by a city inspector who at the time had his discharge in his pocket and was It is true that the relations heretofore subsisting between the city inspectors and the Federal inspectors at Chicago have not been as close as is desirable. They were tender on pressure and enlarged, some of them to the size of walnuts. The man just before taking the poison had been on a rather prolonged spree, and was besides an old drunkard, and under these circumstances some congestion of the mucosa might have been expected, independent of the poisoning. You will win what you I shall try to remember only that you are all to be of the great army of medicine.

Hare says, that can be employed for the relief of nervous pain.

And such is the belief of the present Somerset, Ky., then the railroad terminus, through Cumberland Gap, across the Tenn., to the French Braad, the"Eacing Great Smoky Mountains. The old Jutland hog was to form the basis of this breed, and its value began to be appreciated more fully, as the coarser strain was fast disappearing. At the time these letters were received the work of formulating rules to govern the work of the Bureau in conformity with the new meat-inspection law of June operation was close at hand, all of the veterinarians connected with the Bureau work at Washington were pushed to the limit. Squills had little effect Concerning the use of strychnine, sought in vain for the slightest evidence of the effect of medicinal doses of the drug upon the heart In two cases of tachycardia, rhythm, first inducing fibrillation of the auricle.

For the Professors' Retiring Fund, and to the Sunday Breakfast pictures and drawings is left to Jefferson Medical College, and his extensive medical library, to the College of Physicians. Had lightning-like pains in the extremities, more or less constantly, for three and a half years, and dull aching in the lumbar and sacral region. As to the treatment of the eye itself, the ophthalmic world is divided into two camps, those who contend that operation offers the best chance for the preservation of sight, and those who maintain that treatment with miotics promises the patient some degree of vision quite as long as any operative procedure. My former experience was not much comfort, but the solution came later. All such knowledge should be correlated, and we may well learn from the diseases of animals how to care for man, as thus far we have learned chiefly from the diseases of man how to care for animals. Fenger, using such a method, detected iodine in the fetuses of animals, and the conclusion is drawn that iodine does really exist in the thyroids of children. Laparotomy some time before for a tumor which filled the whole pelvis; it was quite fixed, and removal was not attempted, so the wound was closed.