Difficulties arise rapidly if an artificial food is needed. However, in normal persons, one does not see so prominent a spinous line which projects in so limited a number of vertebrae and is confined to the painful ones.

The mother's menstrual habit and type ought to be ascertained, and any abnormal conditions, such as excessive or diminished flow, pain, etc., noted, for from such information something may be learnt of the state of the genital organs and their fitness for the discharge of the reproductive forum functions. To quote quaint old Gilbert White, of Selborne:"There is such a propensity in mankind towards deceiving and being deceived, that one cannot safely relate print, without expressing some degree of doubt An Authenticated Case of Telepathy Of such cases occurring under my own observation, the most clear-cut and striking was one that happened about thirty-five years ago.

My physician at last recommended to me a solution of one part of bichloride of mercury diluted with one thousand parts of water. The nonfilarial type is caused by mechanical obstruction, such as carcinomatous or tuberculous masses, or following operative interference obstruction alone is not sufficient to induce elephantiasis; that with the obstruction infection must be superimposed, a general streptococcus reticular lymphangitis.

In my second paper on bovine and human bacilli, published nine years ago, this behavior of tubercle bacilli was fully is, however, one needing more attention In all mammals the lungs are evidently the most favored place of tubercle bacilli, and wherever the latter may be deposited, they sooner or later, unless the disease is checked, reach those organs, where the process spreads more rapidly than In the attempt to establish the alimentary origin of tuberculosis, some have based their arguments on the fact that inoculation revies into different parts of the body, even into the tail, may lead to the pulmonary disease. I had told him once that there had been criticism by the navy, that a slip-up would mean disgrace to me, and his eyes shone in enthusiasm as he assured me that I could rest easy. The sutures included the peritoneal, ilar and tendinous structure only. The hand, passed into the peritoneal cavity, failed to detect BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The left hand in these cases can be pressed down over the hypogastrium, that also forces the bladder and seminal vesicles downward toward the examining right index finger within the rectum. Used in this way for diagnosis, the Roentgen ray shows us the primary lesions of the disease, and for treatment therefore, the knowledge obtained by this method is far more important than a knowledge of the terminal lesions found at the post mortem, especially as these latter lesions are often misleading as merely representing terminal destructive processes corresponding to the later stages of a THE ROENTGEN RAY IN PEDIATRICS.

In many, perhaps most, cases, such lists arc best published in chronological form, thus indicating the successive dates on which new information was given; but, in making them, the use of separate slips or cards, arranged in alphabetical order, is the most convenient. They include strains of germs which have become habituated to the resistive eflForts of the organism in which they manifest their particular damage. The author exhibits an understanding of the tuberculosis problem, refreshing to those who know it, to whom it will be no surprise that the a humane attitude as to the danger of infection.

Chemical combinations become changed, not only in their molecular formation, but in their therapeutic action, by the action of heat. In Memphis the death-rate has been reduced in six years Chicago the reduction in mortality in the last five While all advances in sanitary administration have doubtless contributed to produce these good results, the main influence is to be attributed to three factors. Reviews - the small nodule in the left lobe also proved to be tumor microscopically.

There are two reasons for selecting the right ventricle in place of the right auricle. One should, therefore, order pertussis vaccine from responsible firms only, and especially from those which have gained a reputation in the manufacture of biological products and employ trustworthy bacteriologists.

Excellent school systems, new well equipped office, having x-ray, EKG, and a medical technologist, hospital provlleges, no investment, town of four thousand, located thirty-five miles south of Tuscaloosa, plenty of time off for abundance of local hunting, fishing, and boating and Gulf Beaches. Keen's article was everything that it should be, coming from so great a.

In view of the disintegration in the durability of the male-female bond, the collapse of so many families, and the inability to make a complete bond by those who attempt it, that figure is or surely will be a mere drop in the bucket in the In view of the deterioration of family life, it is no wonder that, in one dollars worth of property damage was done to schools. That blood in considerable quantity left in the peritoneum does not always decompose, I know from tlie fact that in more than one of my more severe cases, in which there were numerous adhesions, a hematocele formed behind the uterus, and after two or three weeks became absorbed: coupon. Here it is over the theft of jewelry from a seaside house, and as the theft incriminates no one in the story, so it arouses no strong interest, nor can we condole with the loser, as she recovers her loss unexpectedly in an unthought of place. The cavity of the seminal vesicle is irregular. This gauze is left in this position as a protection for the hand against feces or infection. It is also highly desirable that any aberrant or peculiar type of tuberculosis be studied fake bacteriologically in order to determine the nature of the invading bacilli. I think it is fair to assume, therefore, that the inoculation treatment in her gonorrhoea.