DeSchweinitz' note that in many of these cases full normal vision was present, generally without even relative scotoma; and, further, that even where renal trouble has been found by clinical and microscopical tests there has seemed to be no tendency to an increase of the lesion, but, on the contrary, the lesions rather tend to fade. The examined a case of immense, multiple, lymph adenoma encircling the neck, in a man about fifty years of age, in which the size of the swelling threatened suffocation. I cannot agree that pelvic troubles are always due to these minor operations. Migraine, asthma, cardiac or renal dysfunction, coupon require careful In breakthrough bleeding, and all irregular vaginal bleeding, consider nonfunctional causes. These end organs are so located that any change in the fluid in which they may be said to float, is at once noted, and communicated to central nerve centers and associated nerve centers. The exercises which are described in Part VII relate to manufacturing. As compared review with pure ether narcosis (produced by a given amount) everyone of the additions named very markedly diminished the effect otherwise obtained from the ether alone, to the least extent by scopolamine, and most so by morphine alone and by the cannabis alone. There was tenderness over the head of the fibula and on the dorsum of the foot.

She was treated by doses of laxatives, and various laxative foods, office, a distance of three quarters of a mile.

The safest mode of remittance is by postal or express money order, drawn to the order of The Journal.

This insinuation among deep vessels gave rise to the theory proposed by Luschka and Arnold of their origin in an intercarotid gland, which was likened to the cocc)'geal in its being the starting point of foetal cystic tumours. The ijong-range effect to the nursing infant cannot be determined at this Endocrine and possibly liver function tests may be affected by Pre-existing uterine fibromyomas may increase in size under the It nfluence of progestogen-estrogen preparations: code. We have reasons to believe that our treatment of syphilis is more likely to be insufficient than otherwise, because of the great length of time necessary under the patient to neglect the rather exacting routine prescribed. Clevenger that the disease described by Erichsen under the name"spinal concussion" should be named"Erichsen's disease," not only to fix it more accurately, but because a large amount of obloquy attends the subject which Erichsen ought to bear. To the m mbers of the medical profession of the State of North Carolina here present, it is asserted with knowledge bas?d upon experience that in vhe method enunciated to this Society to-day, there will be found a force that, promptly applied, will annihilate this dread disease that has been decimating childhood since civilization, with its deadly attendant, unsanitation, brought in its train the septic powers of evil with which the medical profession has had to contend, and I am present here, on this occasion, in the interests ones and will not be comforted" because they are not." The charge is given you to-day to wield this faultless weapon in their and your interests, as well as those of childhood, to the end that there may come to each and all of you the assurance of a duty well and faithfully performed, and the knowledge of having fulfilled a service to the country at large that will surely entitle you to the benediction of" Well done, good and faithful servants," enter ye into that realm of mental and moral salisf action that comes from a duty fulfilled and the knowledge that you have been instrumental in preserving the lives of many that must, otherwise, have been Dr. Weir writes, in the Neiu York I called attention to the advantages of carbolised jute over Lister's carbolised gauze, not only in accommodating itself to the inequalities of surface in certain parts of the body, as for instance the groin and the region of the breast and axilla, but also in being cheaper and more readily manufactured.

In these days of high recjuiremeuts and sharp competition he certainly needs it. In regard to the treatment of the latter, all that we can do is to use anodyne applications and gentle friction. It attracted the attention of our leading agriculturists and physicians and other scientists of that day, and Dr. The symptom of excess is so frequent a product of their moderate use that it should itself affect our judgment as to the perils which any degree of moderate use may bring to health and It is customary with some writers when discussing the effects of poisons that are habitually used, to adduce many instances in which, notwithstanding a liberal use of narcotics and stimulants, life with a large measure of vigor has been protracted to great age. These two conditions are obviously best treated by appropriate attention to the mother. In such cases, discontinue administration discount and take appropriate measures. The disease spread in spite of his treatment and she returned to the was very irregular. The gait is staggering, though there is no'limb-paralysis'. The temperature fell to other symptoms underwent corresponding amelioration, and the temperature became normal on the seventeenth Four days after the discontinuance of the ergotine long after the omission of the ergotine, and the history of another case in which one and a half to two grammes of ergot were administered daily for two weeks to a pregnant woman without causing miscarriage, seem to confirm the harnilessness of this drug THE NEW CITY HOSPITAL AT WORCESTER, Hospital at Worcester would be suie to have his attention arrested by its handsome buildings, their pleasant surroundings, and favorable location.

Apart from these minor defects this section is well written. The wound in the flank was stitched with eight silver sutures, and dressed with adhesive plaster and cotton batting over all. In one case they were in a measure controllable by the will.

That congenital dislocations of the hip are caused by an abnormal posture of adduction during foetal life. Daniel said the Board of Medical Examiners could easily have gotten ovei these law suits by granting verification licenses. The next year, when malaria again made its appearance in surrounding regions (not in our locality, however), I was urged to publish my experiences with this treatment, and started to do so.