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The left pupil reacted to light directly but not consensually; the right pupil did not react to light directly, but did react consensually. Cod-liver oUj which has become a favourite of late, is extensively adulterated with other fish oils. Nystem and Magendie have ascribed it to the forcible and permanent dilatation of the legit heart. At first, the child usually resists the bath violently, and the prejudices of the mother often are like the wall of a fortification; but, whenever we have persevered, the results have been so marked as not only rapidly to overcome the prejudice of the mother, but also to teach the child itself the value of the bath and cause the outcries and resistance on its part to cease entirely. There is quite a number of inexcusable errors in type. The officer, steadying the skin with his left hand, introduces the needle into a vein, slightly withdraws the plunger to make certain that the needle is in the lumen of the vein, and removing the tourniquet, completes the injection. Sternum.') An organic review deviation, characterized by a longitudinal division of the sternum. Diagnosis, therapeutic test response, locating the growth, and in the postoperative management. It would seem that nobody could object unless it would be the DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION OF INDIANA RAY E. Perineum,""a true diagnosis," says the professor. In case second it first manifested itself during pregnancy, though the patient was one with a nervous diathesis, which is insisted upon by Barnes as a foundation for chorea of gestation, where there has been no chorea of childhood.

In renal disease it shows decided diuretic powers from its direct action on the reual epithelium. It is therefore alike the duty and the interest of the obstetric practitioner to study carefully the causes of sudden death in childbirth and in the first part of childbed. Proper means were adopted to restore her; but three days elapsed before she returned reviews to her right reason.

Its great use, undoubtedly, is in exploring thoracic diseases, and the following account, site condensed from an article from the Chirurgie Pratiques,' briefly indicates the correct method of applying auscultation to these diseases. It is a threadbare story that the physician, as a rule, is a poor collector, and when he does insist on having his dues, he is at Collecting- once written down as an oppres Debts. Everts stated his opinion that an uncontrollable impulse to use stimulants, to steal, to burn, etc., does not develop independently of other evidences of insanity. Thus he independently discovered that thyroid extract given by the mouth was as efficacious as if administered by injection, and he oliicer to the Longmore Hospital for Incurables. The classical example of this is a strangulated inguinal hernia.

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