The joint measures in circumference one and a half inches, the leg at midcalf one-half inch more than the oppiosite limb. When cholera is impending, every physician called to a case at all suspicious, stands in a position of great responsibility, not only to the patient, but to the public. He fell on the ice and broke his femur some three years ago, and because he was so old and decrepit his medical attendant contented himself with simply retaining the leg in a com REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. No critical stages mark its progress, nor any of the signs locations of convalescence usually met in other diseases.

The muscular tremors disappeared on section of the motor nerves supplying the affected muscles. Small doses of calomel with bicarbonate of sodium and sugar of milk are placed on (he tongue. The Priests are allpowerful and carry what they wish.

Somnolence and indifference, slowness and hesitation of volitional movements, fibrillar contractions of the muscles, alteration of the respiratory rhythm (so-called respiration cardiaque), sensations of itching of the skin, and diminution or disappearance of tactile sensation, were the chief phenomena observed. If this preparation is administered for the proper length of time, the individual gains substantially in strength, flesh, physical and My oldest son was troubled with a skin eruption on his chin and forehead (between the eyes), which he seemed to have caught at school; it resembled a ring-worm in some particulars, but was very stubborn and hard to cure; so I sent to you for samples, believing, through past experience with Resinol, that it v.ould do the work. Ransohoff remarked that the theory of carbonic acid intoxication was a very nice one, but that he had seen two or three cases of asthma die during or immediately after the paroxysm. He goes on with his work willingly and cheerfully, even if he is slightly" under the weather," or suffering from slight injury. Within the provisionally quarantined area a few counties in southern Kentucky lying contiguous to some of the infected counties of Tennessee. Pooke remarked that about one year ago he saw a child eight years of age who, five years previously, sustained a fracture of the head of the radius, and the bone had united at an angle. When stripped off, these vessels commonly break at a short distance from the pia, and their number and minuteness impart to the ental surface of the membrane a flocculent or woolly encephalic, less vascular, and more closely adherent to the nervous substance. - nevertheless, the opinion of those least capable of judging prevailed, and the lying-in service was taken from Bellevue. On the contrary, in the summary of the results (vide Archiv" The centres of the inhibitory vagus fibres of the vasomotor nerves, and the contraction of the pupil, are not directly influenced by morphia, either in the form of paralysis or excitation," and" the heart itself is not Experiments of real value were performed on healthy men by Riegel and PriesendOrfer. As a matter of fact, most surgeons prefer postponing the operation till after the third month. These latter, being exquisite anaerobic organisms, do not grow on the surface of the agar; but those of them which are culture is kept in the incubator for two days or more, the spore-bearing bacilli will be found in larger numbers than more, and the method of isolating them depends upon The oblique cultures above described are heated in or more, and this kills all the vegetative cells which are present, and often kills all the spores of the organisms other than tetanus which hapj)en to be present. The factors entering into the problem are too complex.

Occurring, not infrequently, early in the history of the tabetic lesion, they slowly, increase, with occasional exacerbations, and years elapse before fully matured. The dentist follows in an hour, and the child wakes up an hour or two afterwards and wonders Transactions of the International Medical volume of Transactions of the International Medical Congress are now being received. In such cases as divorces or separation between man and wife, life insurance cases, and others in be protected in his refusal to disclose his knowledge of facts or circumstances likely to prove prejudical to the interests of parties concerned. This period can be lengthened by a day or two by inoculating a minute dose of the virus. The numerous epidemics in this country and abroad, which had been studied with so much care by eminent sanitarians, had demonstrated this relation ( The breeders had made no rational attempt to combine the best qualities of the Danish and English breeds; they had simply kept on crossing in the hope of getting a better product.