Barker: That is, certainly, an important point. His wife, young and healthy at the time of marriage, became the mother of two children, which showed signs of hereditary syphilis, but recovered and are a year after her husband's death. The placenta was retained two hours and removed manually at the end of that time. Excessive tea has its evils as well as excessive alcohol. In more recent years, however, and in conformity with my belief that disorders of the pneumogastric nerves is not only responsible for all the various forms of spasmodic cough, but also plays an important part in the evolution of many diseases of the lungs,' I applied counter-irritants over these nerves in the region of the neck in this disease with the most signal benefit. Paleontology, geology, ethnology, biology and botany have in our American universities ref)resentatives of the highest rank. Just as the uniformitarian method of Lyell transformed geology, so the uniformitarian method is penetrating paleontology and making observations of animal and plant life as it is to-day the basis of the understanding of animal and plant life as it was from the beginning.

Seven cases of plague occurring in Glasgow, which were treated with injections of Yersin's serum received from the Pasteur Institute in Paris. In all the other cases, which have come under our notice, the morbid changes in the chest had evidently been going lung, which was firmly adherent to the chest walls by a thick layer of indurated tissue. The"toy as" are left in this condition exactly one year, when they must give place to the next new set. Gull for, and died of, rheumatic fever in The post-mortem examination showed the heart had undergone extreme fatty change; the valves and pericardium healthy. Beverley Robinson, of New York. Right auricle dilated and contains two typical ball thrombi of pale white color attached by delicate threads to the wall "" of the auricle.

No question that a mother could infect her offspring Dr. Webster, of Chicago, read this paper. He felt that there is at present a certain gnp between socalled scientific and practical medicine, which should, if possible, be bridged.

The profession here do not sanction this practice, but tolerate it in him on account of his high position.

To these facts might be added others of a similar kind, such as scrofulous and cystic degeneration of the kidneys.

The medulla beneath was entire, but flattened by compression.

He had then severe neuralgia of the left side of the head and face, lasting three or four days, and since that time returning at intervals.

City Poorhoust and Parochial Asylum: Con See reports (St. Under the heading" functional examination" there is provision made for one examination only.

Something more than this must be done if we expect to materially decrease the death-rate. Unnecessary because it is now demonstrated beyond question that by the adoption of proper preventive measures a large proportion of those who suffer from this disease may be saved.

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