The discharges are dark, and their passage attended with great pain.


The thoracic route is undoubtedly easier technically and probably both nerves and all their branches can be severed with greater facility. All regularly organized County Medical Societies in this State may elect delegates to this Society in the ratio for one for every five of its members, and such delegates shall, on payment of the annual dues, be entitled to all the privileges of membership in this Society during the time for which they are elected. Each involved area measured about the size of the palm of the hand.

It looked as if they felt the loss of the usual measure of restraint which, while impressing on the patient his helplesness, throws him into dependence on the surgeon; one of the patients shot his lens out of the eye at the finish of the section with dangerous rapidity by a sudden squeeze, an eloquent comment on the question of pressure. Pice packets of santonine might be sold at post-offices like the quinine packets in malarial districts. Writes practical treatment of dental abnormalities DOCTORS URGE INVESTIGATION OF NEW trade name of benadryl, the new drug which has been chiefly used for relief in hives and seasonal hay fever, may have many unexplored uses, two Washington, D. He has a history of excess in charas, etc No family history is forthcoming. (Cheers.) Gentlemen, we welcome them here, at least a great porportion of them, as licentiates of the body over which I have the honour to preside. Eric sep.halmed.hr Carl Beck: Scrubbing Ulcers.

Fortunately, the inquiry is almost always a very simple one. A tongue forcep was applied and artificial respiration started at once.

Cover the colostomy after same has been emptied. The author is evidently a good botanist as well as an accomplished zoologist, and the interrelations between animals and plants are well brought out. There was no change in the fundi unless the left disc was slightly more distinctly outlined than the right. I have witnessed marked benefit in cases of obstructive diphtheritic laryngitis from inhaling the vapor of slaking lime, as recommended by Dr. The bacteriological findings, to which I have already referred, support this view.

During a pregnancy the patient may be be one of the first complaints of the patient. They get enthusiastic and he gets the work done. The daily programme of an average individual who is taking the cure will be somewhat as follows: is instructed to use up five minutes in drinking each glass and halmed.hr/almp/ between glasses to walk about for fifteen minutes. Such a mode of arguing is not legitimate, unless it were true that a difference in mortality could be owing to preventible causes alone. Such a condition of affairs is intolerable, and reveals the petty spirit in which the rules In the new rules, however, a more serious question than the mere monetary one crops up, for under these new rules the medical officer is compelled to report the details of his patient's illness and of his treatment to a civilian nonmedical man; the latter will then assess the amount of the fee to be received, for it will be observed that it is stated that the reference to the administrative officer is not obligatory, but will only occur when the civilian officer considers it to be necessiiry to do so. It has cured me in four instances of the most inveterate attacks, when all other remedies failed. Philadelphia, Clinical Professor of Nervous Diseases in the University of of Philadelphia, formerly Professor of Hygiene in the University of Pennsylvania.

Early recognition of the intestinal disease and proper treatment will reduce amebic liver abscess to a minimum. In due time Miss Brown became conscious, and her symptoms were favorable for recovery. It is as good as any of this class, but it is intended to be used in addition to milk, and it is certainly deficient in little pamphlet to medical men practising in India.