Among other positions filled by him were the Presidency of the and the Presidency of the Philadelphia one of the Editors and co-proprietors of the Medical and Surgical Reporter.

When the centei-s or nervous trunks of the vasomotor nerves are iriitated, the ve.ssels Section of the splanchnic nerves causes an intestinal arteries, veins and portal vein are dilated and ovei-filled with blood. This swelling of the liver will be found in tussis convulsiva only when pronounced rachitis is present at the same Spasmodic cough, as it occurs especially in hysterical women, cannot be mistaken for whooping-cough. According to Gueneau de Mussy, sensibility to pressure in the epigastrium is found especially at the angle between the ribs and the ensiform process, sometimes on the left, sometimes at the same time with that in the epigastrium.

This is the first time in six examinations that eosinophiles have been seen. This woman has practically recovered, and I often meet her going to refresh. When we recall such criminal reverence for authority, we can forgive the dictum of the judicious Boerhaave:'Galen has done more harm than good.' Paracdsus did not tread the accepted path with dosed eyes. I cannot admit, however, that under certain circumstances, the movements of the heart, which are felt by the hand when placed upon the chest, present, in pericardial adhesions, certain charac teristics which are not observed in every case of hypertrophy of The character of the pulse also presents no distinctive features We are, therefore, often compelled to refer the disturbance in the circulation to some disease of the heart without valvular defects, and to leave undetermined the question of the existence or non-existence of pericardial adhesions or disease of the heart If a valvular defect is associated with pericardial adhesions, the difficulty of making the diagnosis is greatly increased, for the thought of an uncompensated valvular defect is very apt to divert the mind altogether from the idea of pericardial adhesions. Whitmarsh' describes an aneurism of the right ovarian artery.

The great number of methods proposed and carried out prove that the method of choice has not been definitely settled and it must be admitted that the failures reported are largely due to imperfect technic, while some of the procedures have given rise to unfortunate complications. There is no definite distinction between secondary carnitine deficiencies and primary ear atic carnitine deficiencies, both free and estcrificd carnitine levels are remarkably decreased in t lieblood and tissues, while in secondary carnitine deficiencies, the total carnitine in blood, tissues and brain is increased, and the ratio of free to estcrificd carnitine is drastically reduced. In Boccaccio's Decameron a surgeon of Salerno discourses of his soporific.

In the extensive implication of the mouth and oesophagus a large portion of the membrane thrown off must always be swallowed. It has been ascertained almost to a certainty that the tubercular process, for example, is associated with a certain form of microscopic growth which is not found as an accompaniment of other diseases. To have access to health care, you have to have a medical sendee (preferably a and a payment system for that service ( Communication and transportation revolutions alone created circumstances that would have been unbelievable to the founders of the Kansas Medical Society (and of numerous other organizations, it should be noted): The treatment must be directed to the prevention of such complications, as well as of the further progress of the chronic inflammation, by warding off every source of injury or of external irritation. In the records of the three large hospitals in Boston, the Massachusetts and the Boston City Hospital, he was able to find but three cases under the age of fourteen years which had been diagnosticated as gastric ulcer, these three cases all occurring in the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The hyposecretory type was essentially the same as the isosecretory, the acid not rising above A regurgitation of bile normally took place as the height of digestion was passed, that is, about one and a quarter or one and a half hours after the meal. In his coils, every section consists of one flat spiral of wre, and has its corresponding insulating layer of waxed paper mus taken m the insulation of the secondary serves to reduce tlie number of turns of wire necessary, and thus diminishes the ot such a coil are consequenUy thicker, and the quantity of sparking distance in air, can be better estimated by observing the length of spark when Leyden jars are connected to its secondary terminals. The patient's life is always to be the first consideration, and whatever arises, the consultant's judgment ought to prevail. Ott was given a vote of thanks for coming from Fort Worth to present his hospital tax exemption bill, was read, and on motion was unanimously adopted by Gray- Wheeler Counties It was voted to have cards printed expressing opposition to the bill, for distribution to all who would be agreeable to sending them to their legislators. Two days later the discharge had entirely ceased. But at this time the patient suffered a spontaneous fracture both of the femur and the humerus from secondary deposits in the bones, and the X-ray treatment was suspended in view of the hopelessness of the future of the patient.

Its lumen is covered with ciliated epithelia whose motion is towards the throat and working to ch'ive out infective agents; its mouth is pulled open by the tensor palati, the true dilator; its floor is pushed upward by the swelling of the rounded belly of the levator palati, and its posterior or cartilaginous lip is pushed backward by this same contraction and pulled backward by the retractor. Twenty minims peroxide injected in a circle around process and proximal to it as in other At this point the experiments were suspended because it seemed that the treatment could never the process was stopped too often at the cost of It is interesting to find with what ease the Ijacillus can be recovered from the soil, a small lump ot soil having been taken at random and injected in the form of a bouillon suspension. After thirty applications during sixty days he could walk well enough to undertake a journey to Paris, and his improved condition was well maintained.