Almost four weeks later a gangrenous piece of intestine nearly a foot long was discharged. Mundo, I, -avi, -atum, tr clean. The lesions had not disappeared in these cases, but had continued appearing, even though none of the salt had been taken for months and months. Lettuces and celery being moist and eaten uncooked are specially dangerous. The second switch centered about the use of Orinase as a test for early pancreatic cancer. The above were cases in which there was an extensive purulent exudate seemingly of inflammatory origin. While sooner roused big brother half awake and began dressing the little one before the older brother slipped back into bed, curled up in sound sleep with the dog.

Sexual maturity is attained from ten days to a fortnight Examination for Bed-Dugs.

It was especially claimed that it had no depressing effect upon the heart, herein a superiority over antipyrin, and, unlike that drug, surrounded by no mystery, and its chemical composition barred by no seal from the knowledge of the profession. The blood was examined fresh without the warm stage, and strange to say, many of the cells exhibited motion. Order forms are sent to all authors Feeling a bit vulnerable? That's understandable.

One is by mixing separated leucocytes and bacteria outside the body, keeping them together at body temperature for varying periods, and then testing the number or the virulence of the bacteria still present at the end of the time, and comparing the results with those obtained by testing similarly an emulsion of bacteria which has not been mixed with leucocytes. Prolific childbcaring wears out the uterine tissue, on the same principle that makes the gun-barrel wear out. Rests face downward upon the forehead and feet. Up to the present time this class of disease has been the most neglected field in the whole range of scientific medicine.

Various authors have given measurements under which spontaneous delivery is not likely. Peter, true to his principles, endeavors by every possible means, and on every occasion that presents itself, to prove the falsity of the position taken up by microbists, not that he would ignore the existence of parasitic diseases, which, fortunately, are few in number, and are well known even without the aid of the microscope; but what he does emphatically deny is the rdle of the microbes in certain diseases, for it is still a mooted question as to whether the microbes found in the organism are the cause or the consequence of the disease with which they are coincidently found connected. It is especially gratifying to be called upon to do this in the present instance, because the first serious attention was given to this matter by Da Costa, an American, and the study was of so excellent a nature as to leave no doubt that a recognizable malady had been described.

The pulmonary second sound is markedly accentuated over the second left intercostal space.

It is far more likely that the bruit should be conducted in the direction of the blood-stream than that it should travel in the opposite direction.

No other department of medicine would think of teaching students in this manner or to subjecting its patients to such unfavoral)le conditions.

Two days afterward I was requested by the nurse to examine the baby (a boy), because the penis was found to be deformed. But there seemed to be some fresh air between the visible hunks of airborne debris, not like the insidious smog of our present industrial society.

We have plenty of societies of railway surgeons, and we have a copious supply of insurance companies of all kinds. G., malingering) require the exercise of some skill in the art of cross-examination. Ases of this curious affection are reported (MtmattkqfU J'iir praktische labia majora, in fact the entire vestibule region. When so simple a remedy is at hand, it seems strange that any physician would permit himself, or his patient, to incur the expense of a carriage, expose others to the risk of contagion, and moreover violate a law, for which there is a penalty of The attention of the medical world was first attracted to this drug by Lewin, but, aside from his observations, little attention has been given to this substance. Dann die Kerne in meristematischen Zellen, zuletzt auch Kerne in jenen und Pisum sind in dem meristematischen Wurzelteile schon nach zwei in den Wurzeln nicht beobachtet. It will be of value to all those interested in proper education of those who have by forty-six different authors, seven of whom (Balfour, Henderson, the present reviewer, on a former occasion, has been adopted, and the list of contributors now contains information of the status of Papers dealing with the alimentary canal occupy less than a Probably the most imjjortant of these contributions is a series of advocates splenectomy as a method of"relieving the subnormal liver of its overload," and believes the mere mechanical relief secured the liver by shutting off such a large proportion of the blood normally delivered to it may prove beneficial, though he also recognizes the probability that splenectomy also reduces or eliminates a constant stream of infection sent to the liver from the spleen, the latter hax'ing strained out from the circulation its infectious con tents. We possess no remedies to influence the results of the rheumatic endocarditis, when the acute believe the attempt useless: