But how can our author reconcile this view with the well known fact that the retinal purple is only found in the outer segments of the rods, and is entirely absent from that part of the retina which has to do with central vision? That accommodation is dependent on a compression of the rim of the lens by the circular part of the ciliary muscle is, we venture to think, not the view generally held and taught in The conjunctiva"consists of a dense layer of connective nucleated cells on its surface." The conjunctiva oculi, again, (sic) ducts of the lachrymal gland"penetrate the conjunctiva between the outer part of the upper eyelid and the ball." Where? The tears" are partly evaporated and partly sucked up by the upper and lower canaliculi, to be conveyed away into the'posterior nares by the lachrymal ducts." Oh, ye The crystalline lens is described as a" circtdar transparent body," which is" placed behind the iris, in front of the vitreous body, to which it adheres by its posterior surface." In his account of the vitreous body, Dr.

The blood on right side of pons and medulla formed a continuous layer, especially at the upper part of medulla. By persistence in the treatment of eczema and pruritus of the rectum and anus locally, and by removing the cause, there is no reason why they cannot be entirely cured. He was a graduate of the University of daughter of Colonel Bradburn of the eldest of whom is nine years of age.

This renders unnecessary the injection of serum on the basis of modern serum-therapy, because, by the manipulation of the blood and lymph in connection with the nervous system in the individual affected, the leucocytes can be stimulated to such activity as to eat up the germs and thereby produce in the system a serum that will render the body immune from the action of these disease germs.

The time occupied in the treatment had been considerable, and we knew that after a certain interval psoriasis tended spontaneously to improve.

In the advanced periods of the disease, there exists often so much torpor or insensibility of the system, in consequence of the imperfect decarbonization of the blood and vascular congestion in the brain, that great difficulty is experienced in procuring the operation of emetics. Its disadvantages are, that the cause of the occlusion, the strangulation, remains, and that peritonitis, starting from that, gangrene, and perforation, the latter accompanied still by the escape of fseces, may ensue.

Abnormal irritations may be produced also hy foreign bodies, kernels of fruits, particular kinds of food, such as mushrooms, shell fish, etc., faecal concretions and gall stones, the latter, when they are of large size, The same symptom may occur also in f cecal impaction, as a result of the intense irritation produced by the distention of the bowel, and by the continued pressure upon the intestinal nerves. No one can allege this fact of morphine, strychnine, arsenic, nux-vomica, belladona, aconite, digitalis and "" a thousand and one other medicines which are prescribed every day by American physicians. The treatment of migraine consists primarily and chiefly in building up the general health of the patient.

An india-rubber drainage-tube was passed between the flaps, the ends being cut short at either angle. The usual localization of the parasite in the neighborhood of the feet suggests, however, that the worm may invade the skin. I found it easily capable of drawing the uterus close up to the internal inguinal ring without in any perceptible degree lacerating, much less snapping asunder the ligament itself.

In the front of the building was the office where the patients were received.

In taking either matter or the scab for vaccination, it is of great consequence to be well assured that the person from whom it is taken was healthy, and particularly that he was not affected with any cutaneous disorder, A want of due care on this point, may give rise to extremely unpleasant and even dangerous consequences. This combination, when aided by mucilaginous diluents, seldom fails to.

There results a yellowish, gelatinous or brawny appearance of the tissue, the color of which may be more or less opaque.

When the brain is inflamed, there is generally deep and pulsating pain in the head; flushed countenance; throbbing of the carotids; redness and morbid sensibility of the eyes; irritability of temper; transient pains in the extremities; great prtecordial oppression; irregular respiration; continued watchfulness; visual illusions; early and almost unintermitting delirium; a glary and blood-shot appearance of the eyes; contracted pupils; intolerance of light; gloomy and agitated countenance; continued When the lungs are inflamed, the ordinary symptoms of pneumonia are superadded to those of typhus. It seldom happens that more than the pustule which rises at the point of vaccination appears on the body. In some instances, a dull heavy pain is at first felt low down, seemingly where the ureters enter the bladder, and afterwards passes slowly up along the ureter until it reaches the kidney, where it becomes stationary. In cases of obstinate constipation, or where this returns after a course of Carlsbad water, purgatives may be employed. ? But how are we to tell whether these are due to epithelial proliferation or to an antecedent gastritis? Do not many patients entirely ignore slight disturbances of digestion, It is impossible, therefore, in my opinion to more than approximate to the total duration of cancer of the stomach. - cowper was one day found by his medical attendant with a penknife sticking in his side. We must attribute a certain influence to individual predisposition in accounting for the fact that sometimes the one and sometimes the other of the organs affected in common by the same injurious influences, will be prominently or solely diseased.

The Bridge confifting of four arches, is of the length The dimcnfions of the arches are as follows, in EngUjh Meafurei The height of the iirft Arch i op Feet, the diflance between the is the owzy bottom, and the impetuousflream of the River, becaufe of the comparative narrowncfs of it in that place j befides there was no other channel could be cut to divert the River till the Bridge A defcription of a very wonderful Bridge of JuUm Cafars over it confifls of three orders of Arches: the inferior Piers are conti;nued upward, and fupport the others, leaving a free palTasje for becaufe the Bridge ferves likewife for an Aqueduct. In these cases, after the removal of the tumour, the elastic tube had a great tendency to slip off, and was only retained in its position with difficulty.