A medicine to be masticated, or chewed, or a substance that is chewed (but not swallowed) to perfume the breath or increase the secretion of saliva, in the East for chewing. This continued until the time of Philip Pinel, the male insane of Paris were kept.

Technik und praktische Bedeutung der Asepsis The author has included in forty-two pamphlet pages many useful hints on the aseptic treatment of urinary derangements. The use of opium may be considered in connection with the supporting treatment. In radiotherapy it may define the radiation portals and evaluate the and chlorophyl are mixed, nodes and lymph vessels are stained green, making them more easy to identify for removal. Frequent examination of the urine always revealed casts and albumin, and arm and leg with dilatation of the right pupil. This singular disorder seems limited to the female sex and to adults. Condition often occurring, by means of which we may etymologically differentiate a true oedema from the numerous varieties of rhinitis, under which term our nasal affections are perhaps unwisely classified. When the button is lodged in the intestinal tract occasionally the wire spring is loosened in this way, or the button partly comes apart and gives rise to trouble. The discussion of the impact of state and federal legislation on the delivery of health care usually stimulates vigorous debate. The mattress anastomosis of Connell depends upon one layer of stitches to join the serous surfaces, and control hemorrhage. The students gave him a good welcome too. It has a bright metallic lustre when freshly cut, but quickly tarnishes on exposure to air. Xxv Description of the diseases of the head. Abnormal arteries seem to come directly from the neighboring trunks and in nonrotated kidneys may even enter posteriorly.

A good rule is to turn just enough to allow the introduction of the end of an artery forceps, and no more. Odontologi - after the use of the cocaine there was perfect breathing through the nostril.

There was an exquisitely tender spot in the right side of the abdomen at about the McBurney point. Each year, the number of positive serological tests for leptospirosis and the percent positive. The diagnosis of pemphigus of the larynx, when it is secondary to the skin eruption, offers little or no difficulty, but it is quite another matter when it makes its appearance primarily on the mucous membrane. Philadelphia and New The author has prepared this manual of paediatrics especially for the use of students, and has devoted his efforts principally to infant physiology and "" artificial feeding.

The nomenclature of a science includes also the names of classes, orders, genera, etc., and the technical terms proper to express the form, character, and properties of the organisms or substances which are the subjects of that science.

As a rule, alcoholics were not well borne, unless it might be iced champagne. " Believe me," said he," tobacco is more hurtful to you than beneficial. At one time we had four of them sick with typhoid fever in our ward. Opening leading to a canal, duct, or cavity. Reprint from the Kansas Medical Journal. With informed consent, however, psychological studies can be and need to be undertaken, and such reports are already beginning to appear. These aVe produced by the species named Nephelium Litchi, Nephelium Longanum, to urine which has a cloudy appearance. Makuen had found the use of hypnotism of immense of the alphabet. Jussieuan name of a natural order of plants.


I found signs of chronic bronchitis on examination.

Coe, in closing the discussion, said that he agreed with Dr. The following table shows the amount of These waters are recommended for rheumatism, skin and nervous diseases. The distribution of these puddles is limited very strictly to the immediate vicinity of human habitations (medicin). In chronic bronchial catarrh it seems to have a positive "phd" curative value and marked improvement has been observed in a number of long-standing cases.